UltraHD Mega Storage Cabinet - Stainless Steel 48Wx24Dx72H

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UltraHD Mega Storage Cabinet - Stainless Steel 48Wx24Dx72H

Model: UHD16238B
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The UltraHD Mega Storage Cabinet is designed to store valuable tools and supplies, while also ensuring that they’re protected from theft. Crafted with powder-coated stainless steel, the cabinet frame is built to withstand corrosion and damage. The included leveling feet and hardware allow you to secure the cabinet in a safe position, whether it’s in a garage, warehouse, or office supply closet. Weighing 144 pounds, the unit can store up to 600 pounds comfortably, without affecting the frame’s structural integrity.

Inside the UltraHD Mega Storage Cabinet, you’ll find four sturdy shelves, with the top three shelves easily adjustable to your height needs. When you’re ready to lock the unit, just close the powder-coated doors and use the included key to secure the entire cabinet from unwanted entry. Depending on your needs, we also offer an optional set of 5” wheels (with two locking casters) to transform your cabinet into a fully mobile storage unit.




  • Dimensions: 48" W x 24" D x 72" H
  • 600 pound loading capacity.
  • Includes: 4 Shelves (3 are adjustable)
  • Weight Capacity - 600 lbs total
  • Stainless Steel Doors
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Leveling Feet included (5" heavy duty caster wheels can be purchased seperately)
  • Key Locking Doors
  • Designed for Easy Assembly
  • Weight: 144 lbs
  • Item #: UHD16238B

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UltraHD Mega Storage Cabinet - Stainless Steel 48Wx24Dx72H

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75 of 79 people found the following review helpful
I ordered this cabinet online (not available in my local store) and it arrived within 7-10 days in a massive 150lb. box. It shipped from CA to my home in WI so you can imagine what it must have gone thorough en route. Something this large and heavy is bound to be awkward and suffer the consequences, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was all packed. Make sure to give yourself a lot of room for assembly - I would suggest a carpeted floor but if you're like me this was destined for my garage so that is where I put it together. The shipping box (when flattened) makes a nice cushion if you're working on a concrete slab - just be ready for a FULL 42 gal. trash bag of styrofoam packing pieces and a whole lot of cardboard. Most of the metal parts are nested within other parts and I have to give Seville credit for the way they packed it, but inevitably you're going to get some dinged corners here and there in a box this size and weight. I probably had a half dozen or so damaged areas and elected not to request new ones as the replacements probably wouldn't be any better. In the end it just didn't bother me that much as it was (after all) for the garage - and the corners that did get dinged up ended up hidden by the corner protector pieces. Everything is epoxy coated except the doors (which are stainless steel) and the finish seems quite durable, except in the areas where it got dinged up - there the coating just flaked off. The key lock they include for the doors is pretty wimpy - don't expect it to keep anyone out other than small children. Assembly was pretty straight forward and took a couple hours by myself. They even include a wrench, screwdriver, and a spare bag of one each of the necessary screws. All of the parts are clearly labeled and the different screws are separated in numbered bags - makes it very easy to follow the somewhat archaic instructions. After assembling the side panels and doors, it helps to have two people to screw the assembled panels together - I did it by myself with some makeshift supports but it would have been easier with an extra set of hands. Hanging the doors would also be easier with two people. The unit comes with four leveling feet which look quite sturdy, but I didn't use them. There are threaded holes on the bottom as an option to mount four casters in place of the feet (caster sets for this unit are available on the Seville Classics web site, as well as additional shelves), but they were out of stock there so I just picked up my own 5" casters with a standard 4" x 4 1/2" base plate, 300 lb. rated each. Going this route you have to provide your own bolts for the casters (I assume they would come with the ones you get from Seville), but I had to buy 16 bolts and guess at the size as everything on the unit is Metric thread. I actually brought the bottom panel with me to the hardware store so I could make sure the bolts that I bought fit before I got all the way back home. The caster bolts that fit were M8 x 35mm, coarse thread, with a flat washer and locking washer for each. All in all it's a great cabinet - plenty of storage with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. (150 lbs. per shelf) and having it on wheels makes it easy to move if you need to get behind it for cleaning, etc. Also having it up off the ground should protect it a bit from corrosion.

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Just finished putting this together today. What a surprise!. I was concerned about build quality for the price, and the fact that the box was shorter than the length of 1 door. Even more so when I discovered the doors and sides are split in two pieces. All my fears were cast aside when I opened the box and started assembling. This thing is manufactured (and packed) to perfection. The tolerances are spot on, the design is brilliant, and the materials are great too. I don't think I have ever assembled anything this good, especially not at this price level. Kudos to the team. I will happily recommend it to all. Cheers

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I bought two of these cabinets from Sam's Club and am very pleased with the quality, fit and finish of these cabinets. All of the pieces are packed very well minimizing shipping damage. Allow about two hours for assembly per cabinet from the time you open the box until you are admiring your handiwork. Once you open the box unpack all the components at once and stack similar parts together around your garage (right door, left door, right side, left side, back, shelves, top and bottom). Now lay the cardboard from the box on the floor and use this area for assembly which prevents scratching of the panels and also provides some cushion for your knees. When assembling the components using a #2 Phillips screwdriver with a fatter handle than the one that come with the cabinet will allow you to tighten the screws more easily. If you plan on adding the optional swivel wheels order them right away as they seem to often be out of stock. I also ordered some additional shelves which arrived well packaged and damage free. Overall this is one of the best assemble as home cabinets I have ever seen.

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