3-Inch UltraHD Swivel Wheels for Workbench (Set of 4)

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3-Inch UltraHD Swivel Wheels for Workbench (Set of 4)

Model: WEB270

Seville Classics UltraHD


Make your UltraHD workbench or work center mobile with our 3-Inch UltraHD Swivel Wheels! Simply screw in these wheels to install and move these units with ease in your garage, office, warehouse and other work spaces. 2 wheels include brakes to lock your unit into place when not moving. 


3-Inch UltraHD Swivel Wheels for Workbench (Set of 4) for the UltraHD Commercial Workbench (UHD20206B), UltraHD Lighted Workcenter (UHD20246B, UHD20247B), UltraHD Stainless Steel Workcenter (UHD20267B), UltraGraphite Workbench (UHD20271B), UltraHD Adjustable Wood-Top Workbench (UHD20288B), UltraHD Locker Gear Cabinet (UHD16221B), and UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench (UHD20296B).

  • UltraHD Wheels compatible with workbench models UHD16221B, UHD20206B, UHD20234B, UHD20246B, UHD20247B, UHD20267B, UHD20271B, UHD20288B, UHD20296B
  • Includes 4 UltraHD Swivel Wheels (2" wide by 3" in diameter)
  • Non-friction ball bearings for easy rolling
  • 2 wheels feature brakes for added safety
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs. 
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs. total
  • Item #: WEB270

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3-Inch UltraHD Swivel Wheels for Workbench (Set of 4)

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Frederick Ploof
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This was a great addition to my workbench to move it with ease. However the bench has six legs so you have to order two sets. Also, you can't adjust the height. The caster should of been designed with same setup as the adjustable legs.

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