How to Furnish a Tiny Kitchen

Tiny kitchens are an unfortunate reality of apartment living, especially if you’re in an older building. At times, these cramped quarters can feel like a cave, and you might not have a lot of options for furnishing the space. In this handy guide, we’ve outlined some small kitchen design ideas that can help you maximize your cooking area, so that you have enough room to prepare and serve full meals.

Use Every Available Space to the Fullest

First, it’s crucial that you consider every kitchen cabinet, drawer, and shelf, so that you make the most of your storage area. To help reduce clutter in your cabinets, you can try hanging pans on a pegboard, or arranging your knives on a magnetic block. Meanwhile, you can maximize existing vertical space with the Expandable Under-Sink Shelf,, which is designed with removable mesh panels that custom-fit your cabinets. Small kitchen ideas don’t have to be expensive to work wonders.

sink shelf

Expand Your Storage Area

Next, you should think about your kitchen’s existing floor plan, and see if there’s a way to boost storage with standalone shelving or an island. We recommend the 3-Tier UltraZinc Shelving Cart for all-purpose kitchen storage, including cookware, appliances, and food. The heavy-duty steel wire construction can handle up to 50 pounds per shelf, which is more than enough support for your home kitchen. Measuring only 22.5” wide by 13.25” deep, you can roll the cart next to a countertop without cramping the area.

Eliminate Clutter

When considering kitchen design for small space, it’s also important to downsize and organize your current possessions, so that your kitchen feels a little less tiny. One way to do this is by going through every nook and cranny in your kitchen, and making a donation pile for the accessories and cookware that you rarely use. Meanwhile, you can consolidate your useful items with a few drawer and cabinet organizers

drawer organizer

Brighten the Room

Finally, we recommend using the power of visual persuasion to make your space feel more open and welcoming. You can wield color and light to your advantage, especially in a dark and dingy kitchen. Consider painting your walls a lighter color, installing efficient and bright LED lights, and decorating with a vibrant backsplash.

Ready to transform your tiny kitchen? At Seville Classics, we’re proud to design storage tools that help you make the most of cramped spaces. For more small kitchen design ideas, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!

Guest Room Ideas: Decorating Tips and Trends

In this guide, we’ve shared 5 guest room ideas that will make your friends and family feel right at home. Guest bedrooms are more fun to decorate than your living room or master bedroom, because there is less pressure to choose the “perfect” décor. Instead, you can enjoy coming up with ways to please your guests. Once you’ve learned how to decorate a guest room, you’ll be ready to create a peaceful and welcoming space for anyone to stay.  

Let the Bedroom Tell You How to Decorate

First, consider the room’s dimensions before making any final decisions about guest room décor. For example, if the room is laid out with an unconventional nook in one corner, you can use it to your advantage and place a desk or dresser there. Think of your guest bedroom like a unique puzzle that you’re trying to solve.

Freshen the Room with a Floral Bouquet

Next, if you’re expecting guests over the weekend, you can elevate their room with some fresh flowers in a simple vase. Whether you create an arrangement from your backyard garden, or do a quick grocery store run, there’s nothing quite like a bouquet on the nightstand. Trust us, your guests will appreciate the gesture.

Cultivate a Cozy and Comfortable Space

Before buying any guest room décor, think about whether it will add or detract from the room itself. You might love a stylish piece of metal furniture, but does it match the room’s tone? Does it feel warm and welcoming, or cold and fashionable? Try to search for items that embody the former, rather than the latter. For example, woven storage baskets have a natural and beautiful look, without being intimidating.      

woven baskets

Go for a Minimalist Design

Clutter is the enemy of a guest bedroom. When in doubt, you should be eliminating items from the space, rather than adding to the pile. However, minimalism does not mean you give up on comfort or style. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a few decorative centerpieces that tie a room together.

Stock the Bookshelf with Some Fun Reads

Finally, many of your guests will appreciate some light reading by the bedside. You can fill the 3-Tier Folding Cube Bookcase Shelf with a few novels, magazines, and photography books to cover all your bases. Place a table lamp on the bookcase’s top tier, and your guests can enjoy a quick read before tucking in.  

bookcase shelf

Enjoying the decorating process? At Seville Classics, we love guest rooms that feel like an extension of your own home. With a few good guest room ideas and some inviting décor, you can design a comfy space as well. For more interior decoration tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!


Fridge Organization and Storage

There’s nothing quite like a clean fridge. With a few smart organizational habits, you can make the most of your fridge storage space and never over-buy food at the grocery store again. In this guide, we’ve shared five fridge organization tips that anyone can apply to their daily routine, so that food stays fresh and leftovers aren’t forgotten.

Label Your Containers and Doors

First, this easy organizational strategy may seem like a no-brainer, but most people don’t think they need labels to remind them about leftover food. Even if you’re using clear containers, it’s smart to label them with masking tape and a sharpie, because you can also write down the initial cooking date. This helps when determining if the food is spoiled. Likewise, you can create permanent labels for the refrigerator doors, so that everyone has a quick reference about where to store items.

Only Refrigerate Items that Need to Be Chilled

To create more space in your fridge, make sure that you’re only storing items that require refrigeration. For example, you don’t need to chill tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, or raw onions. Instead, store these foods in a cool, dry place in your kitchen (such as a countertop or pantry shelf).

Divide Food into Baskets

Most refrigerators have dedicated drawers for meat, fruit, and vegetables, but you can create even more categories with a few storage baskets. We recommend choosing a basket design that can handle moisture and exposure to food. Meanwhile, you can store non-refrigerated items in a Bamboo Fruit Bowl or Hand-woven Square Storage Basket.

Create an “Eat First” Basket

After investing in a few fridge storage baskets, you can label one “Eat First”, and use it for any food that is about to spoil. This is a smart idea if you have kids who come home after school looking for a snack, or a clueless spouse who doesn’t check food freshness.

Invest in a Bacon Saver

Finally, if you enjoy a few pieces of delicious bacon in the morning, you should definitely buy a storage container to keep it fresh. Designed to stay airtight, these containers reduce plastic wrap waste and are perfect for storing cold cuts too.

kitchen organizer

Ready to organize your fridge? At Seville Classics, we’ve designed storage solutions and workstations for every room in the house, including the kitchen. Once you adopt a few fridge organization habits, you’ll eat fresher food, feel more creative when cooking, and spend less money on groceries. For more kitchen organization tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!

Entryway Décor: How to Furnish an Entryway

Often, we forget that the entryway is the first area that visitors see when entering our home. We usually worry about the kitchen and family room being clean, but we don’t cultivate a welcoming entryway for our guests. Furthermore, entryway décor isn’t just about making an impression. It also brings more balance to our lives, so that when we return after a long workday, we truly feel at home.

In this guide, we’ve shared a few useful tips for getting the most out of your entryway, starting with some well-placed furniture and a smart layout.

Create a Seating/Shoe Removal Area

Whether you live in a cramped apartment or a spacious home, there’s no excuse to not have a seat in your entryway, so that guests can remove their shoes. Ideally, a long bench will provide ample space for sitting. If you don’t have room for a bench, you can use a stool instead. Pair it with a 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Rack, and you have an entryway furniture solution that doesn’t force guests to hunch over when removing their footwear.

shoe rack

Make Space for Extra Storage

Even the largest entryways have storage limitations, and you need to choose furniture that doesn’t make the environment feel cramped. We recommend investing in a narrow shelving unit with enough tiers to showcase decorative pieces and practical items. For example, the 4-Tier Iron Bar Square Tower Shelving can hold up to 90 pounds per shelf, but the unit only takes up about 1 square foot of floor space. It’s a sleek piece of entryway furniture that offers plenty of structural support.

tower shelving

Invest in a Welcome Mat and Runner

Next, you can “roll out the red carpet” for your guests with a tasteful runner. This long and skinny carpet welcomes visitors with an open path into your home. For a similar effect, you can also paint a runner on the entryway floor, which will help hide scuffs and imperfections. Meanwhile, you can choose a matching welcome mat for your front door.

Go Mobile

Finally, you can fill your entryway with wheeled furniture, and then relocate or remove it when necessary. This gives you the option to use furniture for more than one purpose. We recommend the 4-Tier UltraZinc Shelving, which has locking casters and corrosion-resistant zinc plating. It’s perfect as a bookcase or decorative shelf, and you can reposition it around the entryway when hosting guests.

Ready to transform your entryway décor? With the help of Seville Classics, you can make a lasting impression and clear out your clutter. To learn more decorative tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!

Closet Desk Ideas: How to Turn a Closet into an Office

In this DIY guide, we’ve shared five closet desk ideas that can utilize bedroom space and convert your closet into a fully functional home office. Your closet desk can stay out of sight when you’re not working, and then reveal a hidden office when it’s time to get productive. Essentially, you’ll be like Clark Kent transforming into Superman.

Use a Compact and Mobile Desk

The average closet doesn’t have enough space to store a full-sized desk, but a portable design like the AIRLIFT XL is perfect for your closet office. Built with locking casters and a height-adjustable base that goes from 27.1” to 41.3” high, you can use this desk while sitting or standing. Simply roll the AIRLIFT XL wherever you’d like to work, and get started.  

standing desk

Paint the Closet Interior

Meanwhile, if you’d like to create a stationary office inside your closet, we recommend sprucing up the closet walls. You can start by painting the rear wall with a complementary color, and then hanging up a few decorative items that give your mini office some style. A clock, calendar, and desk lamp will be useful tools in your new space.  

Install Shelving or a Mounted Organizer

Since you’re not hanging clothes in this office closet, you have an empty rear wall that can be used to hang important supplies. Depending on your needs, you can install traditional shelving for books and inspiring décor, or you can mount an organizer on the wall like this 6-tier mesh design. Use it to stash everyday paperwork or organize your business mail, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Dedicate Storage Space for Documents

A portable closet desk like the AIRLIFT XL offers mobility and adjustable height settings, but it isn’t designed for storage. To stay organized and boost your available storage space, we recommend investing in a mobile solution like the 3-Tier Mobile Letter/Legal Office File & Utility Cart. This versatile cart has three distinct storage areas – a hanging file folder, a wire shelf, and sliding mesh baskets. At only 15.25” deep, the unit will fit in almost any closet.   

office file cart

Beautify Your Office Doors

Finally, your closet may have bifold, accordion, sliding, or pocket-style doors, which will inform your decorative approach for the closet office. For example, you may not want office storage and post-it notes to be visible when you’re not working. If you have bifold or French doors, you can hide these items on the inside of the door, and leave the other side bare. Make the most of your closet doors, and use your imagination to think of creative solutions!

Ready to maximize your living space? With a closet office, your bedroom or family room will have multiple functions, and you can quickly switch between “work” and “rest” mode whenever you like. To see more DIY home tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!  

Top 3 Organizers For How To Clean Out Your Closet

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Creative Ways to Utilize Wire Shelving

At Seville Classics, we think of wire storage racks as a versatile tool, which you can use to enhance your lifestyle and get more productive. To that end, here are a few innovative ideas for wire shelving that go beyond traditional storage.

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5 Garage Pegboard Ideas

It’s hard to keep your tools clean and organized – especially when you’ve amassed a vast collection. To help with the process, we recommend installing a pegboard in your garage or warehouse. Pegboards are an incredibly versatile storage solution, with enough room to hang heavy power tools next to smaller specialty items. In this guide, we’ve shared five garage pegboard ideas to organize your space in a visually effective fashion.  

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Modern Accent: Upgrade your Living Space with Contemporary Resin Furniture Pieces

When brainstorming modern living room ideas, you should come up with a game plan. By placing some neutral pieces in the space, along with some modern accents, you can cultivate your own personal style. In this guide, we’ve shared how contemporary resin furniture can make your living area feel both cozy and sleek. It’s hard to strike a balance between modern styling and classic comfort, but resin designs are an ideal solution.

shoe organizer

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Workstations vs. Electric Desks

Today’s standing desks and adjustable workstations often rely on built-in electric motors, which allow you to change the height with a single button press. In this guide, we’ve outlined some of the differences between the typical standing workstation and an electric desk. Whether you need a desktop converter for an existing desk, or you want to invest in a fully electric model, there are a wide variety of options available for different workplace scenarios.


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