Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite DIY shelving projects, which can be built on a limited budget at home or the office.
1. Honeycomb Shelves: Using a miter saw, a drill and drill bit, wood screws, a rotary sander, and wood glue, you can cut 3 fencing planks at 30º angles to create hexagon shelving. Then, you can hang the shelves on a few simple brackets, providing the strength to carry books, plants, photos, or any other décor that spruces up the room.
2. Open Stained Shelves: With a few wooden boards, shelving supports, and stain, you can create a set of gorgeous shelves that span a wall in your dining room or living room. They’re perfect for displaying your best decorations, family photos, and fine china.
3. Industrial Shelves: By using industrial pipe as a steel shelving support, you can assemble a rustic shelving unit for your kitchen or garage. Paint the pipes with Rust-Oleum spray paint to complete the weathered look.
4. Leather Strap Shelves: Take two leather straps, wrap them around a recycled wood plank, and then screw the straps into a wall for a stylish shelving alternative. If you use leather scraps from a local store, this project costs almost nothing to build.
5. Wood Slice Shelves: For a more rugged, log cabin look, you can create simple shelves from the slice of a tree trunk. Purchase a wood slice from the store (or cut your own), some 4-inch L brackets, and some screws. Cut the wood slice right down the middle, screw the L brackets to the flat side of your shelf, and then screw the other side of the brackets to the wall.
6. Triangle Shelves: These stylish shelves are so easy to make — simply cut wood to your desired width with a circular saw, smooth the edges with a planar, and then cut the edges at a 30º angle with a miter box. Glue and then nail the wood pieces together, let them dry, and then sand them. Paint or decorate the shelf as desired, and then hang the triangle on a wall with a nail or screw.
7. Hanging Rope Shelves: These shelves use your typical L brackets for support, but they also have 3/4" holes (use a paddle drill bit) drilled on each side, with twisted rope
fed through each shelf. The rope is only for aesthetics, but it will definitely give your shelving unit a rustic, unconventional feel.
8. Wall Storage Bins: Cut 5 pine boards into a hanging cubby for your shoes, scarves, hats, and umbrellas. This quirky design looks great in an entryway, and provides more than enough space for those essential items that you need when on the go.
9. Literal Book Shelves: It’s easy to take some colorful leather-bound books and turn them into impromptu shelving. First, find a few vintage books in great condition, and make sure the spines are intact. Measure each book’s width, and then drill two sets of brackets (one set for below the book, and one bracket above) into the wall, so that the book can slide right in.
10.  Garage Wire Shelving: Lastly, you can take basic wire shelving and screw it into the wooden joists that run along your garage ceiling. In this case, wire shelves are better than a wooden plank, because it’s easy to see what’s being stored up there.