5 great gift ideas for the unorganized person in your life!

Is your father a packrat? Does your husband or boyfriend not understand the difference between laundry sorters and storage bins? Has your sister’s garage turned into a closet? Has mom’s shoes taken over your old bedroom? If any of these apply to you, then we’ve got some great gift ideas for helping your friends and […]

Get organized for Thanksgiving

It is never too early to get a jump on your holiday plans—despite the fact that Thanksgiving is this week, you can still take a few steps to get organized for the big day and reduce the stress that accompanies it. You can use some of the same methods that you employ for garage […]

Implement Feng Shui with storage shelves

While the principles of Feng Shui are rather complex, you can easily apply some of the basics to any space, with just a few organizational tools such as storage shelves, shoe racks and cabinets for garage storage. Best of all, you really don’t need a comprehensive understanding of Feng Shui to implement the principles and […]

When to hire a professional organizer

When I was a kid I remember the house becoming a disaster zone. Toys, cloths, papers, homework, and anything else a child does would be strewn across the house. If you don’t have a housekeeper to keep your life organized whether it is home or office chances are your work zone can become a disaster […]

Top 5 reasons to get organized today

Being organized can transform your life. You’d be surprised how much some chrome wire shelving and a few garage storage cabinets can affect your productivity levels on a daily basis. When you get more organized, it becomes a habit, and even a lifestyle that reaps many benefits. The sooner you start implementing steps to […]