Organizing Every Bay of Your Mechanic Shop with Commercial Bin Racks

Whether you’re a weekend grease monkey with a fun classic car project or a small business mechanic with a small to medium sized shop, you know how quickly and easily it is to lose track of any number of car parts and tools.

Whether you’ve lost track of tire patch kits time after time, or you […]

Take Your Garage From Man Cave to Central Work Station in One Step

From the bachelor’s dream garage to the shared family garage, all manner of projects are executed. From science fair winners to a simple tire change, and from the local home beer brewer’s space to the place we put an injured baby bird to mend, the garage in many ways is the most important room of […]

From Junk Drawers to Centralized Storage: Keep it Simple with Storage Cabinets

If you have a large family, a large inventory, a lot of pets, or all of the above, storage cabinets are a must. Some homes come standard with generous amounts of storage space in each bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and garage. But more often than not, we find ourselves renting or buying a home in […]

Beautiful Ways to Store your Wine

Wine is at the center of many cultures and traditions, and therefore, right at the center of many kitchens and restaurants across the United States and many other countries. Oftentimes, those who enjoy keeping wine on hand for a variety of occasions can have a hard time finding the wine they want for a specific […]

Put Your Education On A Wire

Wire shelves find themselves at home in nearly every imaginable space of the home, school, or office—from garages and kitchens to laboratories, bookstores, coffee shops, bakeries, and even as a way to organize spa and massage spaces and home offices, wire shelves serve the universal purpose of organizing a huge variety of materials. […]

A Work Stool For Anyone

Seville Classics brings you two of the most highly sought after styles in work stools. To benefit the most from a work stool, it’s best to ensure that the materials it is made from are long lasting and that the stool itself will be able to withstand the conditions of your workspace, office, exam rooms, […]

Let Your TV Stand Out

Oftentimes, people opt out of TV stands and use other less suitable types of furniture on which to place their televisions. Many people go this route because they are under the impression that TV stands are just too expensive. Sometimes they are right—if these people have priced TV stands at some large retailers, and especially […]

A Cutting Board For All Occasions

For the five-minute cook or those of us who spend most of our time in the kitchen, there’s hardly a meal from chicken cutlets to a simple salad preparation that doesn’t require a cutting board.

Seville Classics offers a huge variety of cutting boards to meet a number of cooking, baking, and other food preparation needs. […]

How to Cool A Room With Fans & Save Money

Ventilating and cooling your home is just as important as heating, and there are many different ways to circulate cool air, from fans to air conditioners.

In fact, a few strategically placed fans in your home can efficiently and effectively distribute cool air in the summer and curb mildew in the bathroom and garage.

It […]