The hottest kitchen trends may come and go, but invariably, a few of them will live on as classics. In 2016, there are newly chic approaches to cabinetry, appliances, countertops, and kitchen organizers. At Seville Classics, it’s our job to research these trends when designing prototypes for new kitchen equipment. Most of them will look dated in a few years’ time, so we make educated guesses about the ones that have staying power. Below, we’ve shared four current trends that are worth exploring for your personal kitchen.
Smarter Devices
The move toward “the Internet of Things” is not slowing down; today, many kitchen tools have built-in computers and web connectivity, so that they can sync together, access recipes, and adapt to your habits. To accommodate this shift, many new kitchens have designated spaces for smart appliances, as well as hidden charging stations for mobile phones and tablets.
Open Floor Plans
Decades ago, it was popular to have clearly defined boundaries between rooms. Walls and doors separated each space, improving privacy but also creating a sense of claustrophobia. Today, it’s far more common to see rooms bleeding into each other — especially the kitchen, dining room, and living space. This open style makes your home feel larger, and it makes it easier to stay connected with your family. You can be in the kitchen cooking dinner, and still carry on a real conversation with your kids while they watch TV in the family room.
Midcentury Modern
It’s no secret that midcentury modern furniture has become quite collectible over the past few years, and this trend is spreading to kitchens as well. In essence, the vintage style employs lots of walnut, a minimalist design ethos, and tasteful shades of white to create a refreshingly clean look. At Seville Classics, we believe that simplicity can also be beautiful, and many of our kitchen organizers draw inspiration from that modern perspective.
Classic Styles Endure
As we mentioned, styles are always shifting, but classic looks never go out of style. In 2016, black and white furnishings, hardwood floors and accents, and other elements that offer strong contrast are as popular as ever. If you’re redesigning your kitchen from the ground up, it might be tempting to select the hottest new looks. However, we recommend you ask yourself “Will this look dated in 10 or 15 years?” before making any big purchases.
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