This year, the concept of bringing indoor comforts to your backyard is really catching on. People want a cozy place to relax, with native gardens and natural water sources around them. They’re also taking a more refined approach to technology, with energy-efficient lights, discreet TV installations, and other creature comforts. Below, we’ve outlined some popular home design trends that are taking place in backyards across the country, as well as a few outdoor design tips.
If you’re not familiar with the term “naturescaping”, just imagine a yard with natural flora and fauna. This helps the landscape to thrive, and it’s a popular approach with environmentalists, because those native plants attract the area insects and birds. It’s also much easier to maintain a natural landscape — rather than forcing non-native plants into the environment — because those plants are used to the climate. You end up using less water, while also not having to constantly watch over your plants. Add in a few solar-powered lights, and your yard will be almost fully sustainable.
Taking Advantage of Natural Water Sources
Next, it’s important to understand how water runs through your backyard, whether through irrigation or a nearby creek. In 2016, freshwater has become a focal point of outdoor design, with barrels to collect rain, retaining walls to guide water flow, and many other water features. Previously, stormwater was often seen as a nuisance that muddied up a landscape and needed to be dealt with, but today, the effects of rain have been embraced.
Using Dramatic and Detailed Lighting
Technology has continued to influence home design, with solar-power lighting that reduces energy consumption, as well as backyard wi-fi and television options. When it comes to lighting, there are countless methods to help your yard stand out, including color filters that set the mood, tiny lights that twinkle in the dark, and LED lights that last for 100,000 hours. Arrange a few of these lights in an imaginative way, and you’ll create a dramatic landscape while also using a negligible amount of electricity.
Bringing Indoor Life to the Backyard
Finally, outdoor design tips are only useful if they make a backyard more pleasurable for the homeowners. And what’s more enjoyable than a yard that feels like your living room? Adding a few weather-resistant couches and loveseats to your patio will make your family want to spend more time together outdoors. Depending on your pastimes, you can transform the yard into an outdoor leisure area, with a fire pit, horseshoe area, brick pizza oven, or anything else that excites your family and friends.