The Benefits of NSF Shelving

In this brief overview, we’ve shared some background information about the NSF, so that you can learn why it’s a trusted badge of cleanliness and safety. At Seville Classics, we’re proud to carry a variety of NSF-certified products, including high-quality steel shelving units. We recommend using our shelving in your kitchens, offices, and industrial warehouses.

What […]

Wood Top vs. Stainless Steel Top Workcenters

Workcenters can transform your garage or warehouse into a DIY paradise. With a pegboard for important tools, drawers for small items, and a built-in LED light, Seville Classics’ UltraHD workcenters offer tremendous functionality at an affordable price. All UltraHD designs boast a powder-coated finish, which provide protection from corrosion in dry environments. They also have […]

Top 5 Places to Use a Sit-Stand Desk

If you’re looking to improve your sedentary work lifestyle, sit-stand desks offer a versatile solution. Designed to be portable, our sit-stand desks have rolling casters that allow you to quickly move between rooms.

Doctors agree that sitting for prolonged periods can have detrimental health effects, and that it’s a good idea to alternate sitting and standing […]

Tower Fans vs. Pedestal Fans

Before selecting a portable fan, consider your space constraints, stylistic wants, and overall goals. Whether you’re looking to cool down a room or purify the air, there’s a quality fan for every scenario. In this guide, we’ve outlined the benefits of tower fans vs. pedestal fans, so you can make an educated decision and stay […]

Essential Dorm Room Organizers: How to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

It’s back-to-school time again! Getting organized before your first day of classes (and afterwards when you really need to get organizer) will make your life easier with fewer surprises. With organizer carts and filing cabinets, you can create a reliable system for organizing your course materials. Below, we’ve shared a few handy organization tips when […]