Every home has a closet bursting with clothes and knick-knacks. It’s just too easy to pile stuff up, close the closet door, and move on with your day, right? However, finding an item buried in a closet is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. To avoid this dilemma, you can take steps to collect and organize your storage area with a few basic tools. Below, we’ve shared three techniques for keeping a closet under control.
Expand Storage into the Bedroom Expandable Closet Organizer System

When a closet simply isn’t enough for your storage needs, you might want to invest in a closet organizer system. This standalone unit is built with two towers and expandable rods, with plenty of space for a full wardrobe. It’s a great solution for college students that don’t have a closet, or unconventional living situations like a loft apartment. Set up the closet organizer anywhere in the bedroom, adjust the rods to your liking, and mount the shelves to a wall for extra support.  
Stow Seasonal Items
Covered Wardrobe OrganizerMeanwhile, Seville Classics’ Covered Wardrobe Organizer can ease the strain on an overflowing closet. It’s a smart place to stow your seasonal wardrobe when not in use. During the summer, you can hang heavy coats and jackets in the organizer, so that your bedroom closet only contains summer outfits. With a breathable zip-up cover, your clothes are protected from dust, insects, moisture, and UV rays. On the side of the cover, you’ll find 9 shoe pockets and 3 additional pouches for small items. Place your wardrobe organizer in the garage, and take pleasure in a less cluttered closet.
Collect Shoes in a Tiered OrganizerTiered Shoe Rack
Finally, shoe lovers can maximize their storage space with a tiered rack. The 2-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack holds up to six pairs of shoes (and three pairs under the bottom tier), with support for 25 pounds on each tier. Designed with espresso resin slats and a sturdy iron frame, the unit is extremely easy to assemble, and no tools are required. If you need more shoe storage, simply stack another 2-tier shoe rack on top of your unit, or interlock multiple units in a horizontal configuration. The racks are built to snap together with ease, while the iron frame provides plenty of stability.  
For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has designed tools to de-clutter your life, so you can focus on what truly matters. We’re proud to offer sleek, sturdy storage options that anyone can assemble. Visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages to get inspired!