Great home organization and garage storage solutions are about more than keeping your rooms tidy. In every living space, there are dozens of forgotten nooks and crannies that deserve your attention. These are the hard-to-reach, dimly lit places where small objects are lost and never seen again. It could be a TV remote, a stray sock, or an earring, but things accumulate in these spaces over time. Below, we’ve shared five overlooked areas of the house that can benefit from some tender loving care.
1. The Back of a Closet:
Even if you’ve organized your closet with racks and storage boxes, there’s still a good chance that a few items have gotten wedged in its dark corners. Many closets extend on both sides of the actual doors, which makes it easy for objects to be forgotten back there. We recommend cleaning out your closet every few months, so that things stay organized and you don’t misplace a favorite pair of shoes.
2. Behind Furniture:
Typically, coins and dirt are all that you’ll find behind a sofa, but some pieces of furniture create more clutter than others. For example, your entertainment center is probably strewn with wires, surge protectors, and random gadgetry, but there are easy ways to keep that chaos hidden. We recommend keeping the electronics contained within a cloth bag or storage box, and tying wires together neatly with plastic zip-ties.
3. Under the Bed:
As far as hidden areas go, this might be the biggest culprit. There’s enough space under the bed for actual storage, but most people neglect to do anything with it. Before taking advantage of this valuable real estate, we recommend pulling any stray items out from underneath and vacuuming the floor thoroughly. Then, you’ll have space for a set of sliding containers, a musical instrument (like a hard shell guitar case), or any other large items.
4. The Back of a Door:
Finally, many people don’t think to utilize the blank canvas of a bedroom door. It’s the perfect place to showcase your jewelry or favorite handbag, and when the door is open, these items are completely out of sight. You can also hang a small mirror on the door, so that you see if certain accessories match your outfit.
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