In this handy guide, we’ve shared four of our favorite ideas for customizing a garage, so that you maximize your workspace and boost productivity. Installing a workbench and cabinets is only the first step. There’s so much you can do to make-over a garage, add functionality, and create the ideal environment for your needs.

Add a Built-In Sink

If you need running water in your garage, why not install a sink to your existing workbench? This is an excellent project for the UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet or Commercial Workbench. First, flip the sink upside-down and set it on the bench, so that you can mark the cutting area with masking tape. With a power drill and a jigsaw, cut around the entire perimeter. Then, apply sealing putty on the edges, so that the worktop stays dry. Click here to see a full rundown of the sink installation process.

Build a Bookshelf Between Cabinets

You can attach standalone shelves between two cabinets arranged next to each other and create a sturdy bookshelf. This is extremely useful if you’re building a garage office, or you want to keepa few technical manuals near your workbench. At Seville Classics, we carry extra shelves that fit specific UltraHD units, such as the Rolling Storage Cabinet. Built with heavy-duty steel and finished in a durable granite powder-coat, these shelves are perfect for building a bookshelf extension.  

Hang Unconventional Items on a Pegboard

Pegboards can be used in a variety of ways, such as hanging important tools and storing sports equipment. With the UltraHD Pegboard Set, you can hang virtually anything on your garage walls. For example, if your children need designated storage space for their toys, you can attach wicker baskets to the pegboard, and label each basket so they’re responsible for their things. Likewise, a pegboard set is an excellent place for hanging DIY craft materials, such as sewing thread and paint.    

Install Light Fixtures Above Your Workbench

Finally, you can brighten a dingy work area with some under-cabinet light fixtures. After rigging a wiring route to your power source with a junction box, it’s time to drill holes under the cabinet so that you can thread the wires through. Then, you’ll need to mount the fixture and connect it to the grid. Click here to see an extensive how-to guide for cabinet lighting, which has practical information that can be used anywhere in the house
For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been a leading innovator in garage storage solutions and work furniture. Our UltraHD garage collection is durable, mobile, and fully customizable. Use these centerpieces as a starting point for your dream workspace. To see more garage transformation tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!