Cleanliness is next to godliness, and keeping a tidy home can have a huge effect on your quality of life. When it comes to home organization, every situation is different. Perhaps you require more closet space, or are working with constraints in your bathroom, or need garage storage solutions to help expand your workbench. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to do your research and not choose a quick fix, because there’s usually a more clever solution right under your nose. Below, we’ve shared five storage ideas that maximize your living space, while still blending into a room.
1. Expand Your Closet with a Wardrobe Organizer:
If you’re working with a small closet or have an exceptionally large wardrobe, it might be time to think of alternatives. At Seville Classics, our Wardrobe Organizer can store and protect up to 60 pounds of clothing, shoes, and accessories. The freestanding unit is designed with a fitted zip-up cover, which shields your garments from dust and insects, while also staying breathable. This versatile solution can be placed in any room of the house, including the garage, so it’s a great way to expand your closet space without adding clutter.
2. Keep Blankets in Storage Cubes:
Storage cubes combine the comfort of an ottoman with the storage capacity of a large chest. They’re designed to blend into a living room or bedroom, so you forget that there’s anything stored inside. We recommend putting items in a storage cube that you access frequently, like guestroom linens or blankets for movie watching. This will free up space in your hallway closet for other items.
3. Bring a Bookcase into the Bathroom:
Next, certain bathroom layouts leave very little room for a proper cabinet or shelving, but a small bookcase will fit right underneath your towel rack. Our 4-Tier Square Wrought Iron Bookcase provides enough space for clean towels, toiletries, and scented candles, while also looking entirely appropriate in the bathroom. Made from durable iron, the bookshelf has a waterproof finish, so it’s built to withstand a humid bathroom environment.
4. Bamboo Can Breathe Life into Your Drawers:
We recommend tossing out that old plastic container for silverware, and replacing it with a beautiful bamboo organizer. Bamboo looks amazing, it’s incredibly strong, and our modular organizer boxes provide flexibility with drawers that have unusual sizes. These organizers can be used in any room of the house, but they excel in a kitchen or office.
5. Use a Hidden Basket for Storing Valuables:
Throwing your wallet, keys, and pocket change on your dresser might be the easiest option, but it makes your bedroom look messy. However, if you keep a small storage bin or basket in the closet, you can have a dedicated place for your valuables that’s away from prying eyes. We recommend our Woven Hyacinth Storage Basket or our Mesh Storage Bin.
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