Is your father a packrat? Does your husband or boyfriend not understand the difference between laundry sorters and storage bins? Has your sister’s garage turned into a closet? Has mom’s shoes taken over your old bedroom? If any of these apply to you, then we’ve got some great gift ideas for helping your friends and loved ones streamline a little bit of their lives.

wine rack If you have a loved one who is a bit of a wine connoisseur, to the despair of the roommate they share cupboards with, then a wine rack is the perfect way for them to elegantly showcase their fine wines—and save space.
shoe racksIf you want to re-stake your claim on your old room for when you visit home, load mom up with some shoe racks to help streamline her collection. There are many attractive styles to choose from, ranging from pewter and bronze mesh to wood and bamboo. You may want to get her a couple of laundry sorters while you’re at it!
storage cabinetIf your better half lacks knowledge about where things go and why certain things shouldn’t be stored together, you may want to get him or her some garage storage cabinets or stackable storage cubes of their very own, so that their things that are out of place don’t mesh with your neatly organized belongings.
garage storage cabinetFor your sweet old sis who no longer has a place to park her car, consider getting her some garage storage cabinets to store and organize all her excess boxes. You can get her something easy to use, such as a rolling cabinet with drawers or even one that doubles as a workbench. If her shoes have taken up residence out here, you may as well get her some shoe racks as well.

seville classicsIf dear old dad is the quintessential pack rat, your best bet may be an organizer cart, an entire storage set, or even a gift certificate to Seville Classics, so he can choose a variety or storage options that will help organize his belongings.