Home organization isn’t rocket science, but every holiday season, many of us still manage to forget how to store our lights, ornaments, and wrapping paper. It might be because we’re too busy and stressed to put away decorations properly, but it’s well worth the extra effort. Next December, you’ll be thankful that the Christmas lights aren’t tangled, the ornaments are still intact, and the leftover gift wrap is organized. Below, we’ve shared five home storage solutions for your holiday décor, so that it stays tidy and lasts longer.
Place Ornaments in a Safe Container
Your Christmas ornaments should be cherished and passed down from generation to generation. That’s why it’s so important that you store these fragile decorations in a cushioned container — preferably lined with fabric or tissue — so that ornaments don’t break accidentally. Using some bunched-up gift tissue and dividers, you can create your own chest that keeps ornaments from knocking into each other. The more padding, the better.
Keep Your Lights Tangle-Free
Investing in a storage solution for your Christmas lights is well worth the extra money. Nobody likes to deal with a tangled strand of lights, and they may not even work when you finally plug them in. Instead, label each strand and wrap them neatly around a plastic reel, so that the wires stay straight and bulbs don’t break. Then, store the reel in a zippered bag or plastic container until next holiday season.
Buy a Dedicated Bin for Gift Wrap
Storage solutions don’t have to be complicated. When it comes to wrapping paper and other gift-related supplies, you can stash them all in a storage bin that’s thin enough to slide under the bed. If you don’t have space for another container down below, you might want to purchase an organizer cart or hanging storage for your closet.
Stow Seasonal Linens in a Protective Bag
Since you only need Christmas tablecloths, tree skirts, and other holiday linens once a year, it’s smart to store them in a vacuum-sealed bag. These space-saving marvels keep fabric fresh and protect it from the elements, such as insects and moisture. When you’re ready to start decorating next year, you can unseal the bag and use the linens right away. There’s no reason to do another load of laundry.
Take the Time, Do It Right!
While these tips may seem like another holiday chore in the name of home organization, they’ll definitely save you time and money in the long run. Setting up and taking down your decorations will get easier, and they’ll be protected for many years to come.