Baskets are a cozy alternative to plastic storage containers. They look good in any room of the house, whether they’re placed on top of a table or tucked away in a closet. When it comes to collecting stray items in one place, baskets are the secret weapon of home organization. Below, we’re shared five situations where you can reduce clutter with simple basket storage.
1. Holiday Decorations:
Around the same time every year, you pull down the “Christmas” box from the garage and get ready for the holiday season. Garage storage solutions are fine, but what about the wrapping paper and decorations that you need for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events? Place your colored string, patterned tissue paper, and other decorative materials in a basket for easy access. That way, whenever you need to wrap a present or put the finishing touches on a creative project, you can quickly grab the basket from a shelf.
2. Bath Accessories:
Baskets are great for the bathroom, collecting toiletries and candles in one place. Our Woven Hyacinth Storage Cube Basket has handles, so you can easily slide it out of a bathroom cabinet. The durable material can also handle water exposure, so it continues to look good in a humid bathroom environment.
3. Stationery and Office Supplies:
In your home office, you’ve probably acquired dozens of random knick-knacks, pens, and other office supplies. Dedicate a basket or two to these smaller items, so that on the day you need a protractor or a calculator, you’ll know exactly where it is.
4. Remote Controls:
For some reason, remote controls are the easiest items to lose in a house. Even when you’re keeping an eye on them, they still disappear. To solve this annoying problem, set aside a small basket for all of your TV-related electronics. This can include your main remote, a lamp dimmer, and wireless game controllers.
5. Toys and Video Games:
Children’s toys like Legos have hundreds of tiny pieces, which inevitably end up all over the playroom floor. Likewise, if your children are at the age where they’re playing video games, there are plenty of wires and game discs to keep track of too. To minimize the potential mess, give your kids a few baskets to store their toys. They’ll love having a place for their cherished possessions, and your floor will be much cleaner.
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