kitchen carts
There is no right or wrong way to organize the kitchen. An organizing system that is simple and easy to maintain however, helps to contain the clutter and make life simple and stress-free.
A well-organized kitchen also helps to make meal planning and preparation a breeze, and allows the home cook to find essential items quickly.
While some kitchen objects look best tucked away during storage, you can use our kitchen carts and expert planning ideas to create storage solutions that are pretty enough to use and display.

  1. Store Loose Papers in a Breadbox
  2. Whether you are paying bills or correcting your child’s homework, the kitchen counter is a catchall for loose papers, envelopes and sticky notes. A decorative breadbox is a great place to store mail, permission slips and coupons. Stash in the box items that you use daily, and keep other papers and notes in your home office.

  3. Put Your Container Lids and Bottoms in a Customized Drawer
  4. Can find the lid to your favorite storage container? Using a custom drawer organizer, you can keep track of missing tops. To make use of your kitchen drawers, split the space with two drawer organizers. Place glass and plastic bowls on one side and angular lids and tops on the other.

  5. Place Barware on a Stainless Steel Cart
  6. Kitchen carts have a variety of uses. For example, you can stack cookbooks, bar items and appliances on a large kitchen shelf. To display your selection of glassware, liqueurs and barware use a cart instead. Our selection of stainless steel carts free up valuable floor cabinet space and allow kitchen items to look like a work of art during storage.

  7. Repurpose Your Vintage Storage Units
  8. Instead of using your grandmother’s formal china cabinet to display your plates, cups and saucers, retrofit a small vintage cabinet to display your family heirlooms. For example, remove the shelves and the doors of a vintage barrister’s cabinet or small curio. Install small glass shelves or dowels and a halogen lighting kit. By treating your cabinet as if it is an art installation, you can display your dinnerware beautifully and with pride.

  9. Show Off Your Pots and Pans
  10. Big pots and pans can quickly absorb all the room in your cabinets. By hanging your pots on S-hooks, or from a suspended pot rack or on a pegboard, you will create a beautiful cook’s kitchen without an expensive remodel. To keep lids nearby, store them in a lower roll-out-rack placed discreetly and neatly in a bottom kitchen cupboard.

  11. Display Your Utensils Near the Stove
  12. To free-up much needed storage space, take all your spatulas, spoons and forks out of the kitchen drawers. Instead, place your utensils in a small crock near the stovetop. Deposit all your wooden tools in one jar and place your stainless steel ones in another. Line up these crocks near the stove for easy access.

  13. Use Pullout Baskets to Store Common Household Products
  14. Use these baskets to contain items that you use on a daily basis. For example, you can install small wire plastic baskets underneath the sink for easy access to dishwashing liquid, rubber gloves and other cleaning items.