Part of the New York Times Company, The Sweethome is a respected blog with in-depth product reviews. Recently, they spent over 60 hours researching the best electric fan on the market. They consulted with multiple fan engineers and product experts, putting the latest fans through rigorous tests.
We’re extremely proud that the Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40" Tower Fan was their number-one pick. They determined that “The Seville UltraSlimline offers the best UltraSlimline40balance of price, power, noise level, and convenience at a price that’s cheaper than most of the competition.”
The UltraSlimline performed well across a wide variety of categories, especially when compared with other room fans. Testers at the Sweethome built a wind tunnel to measure the important criteria of air circulation, noise, and airflow velocity. They also tested noise levels with an iOS noise meter app. Finally, they attached seven ribbons around the room to measure each fan’s air circulation.
All-in-all, the UltraSlimline “scored well across the board, emerging as one of the quietest fans we tested, one of the most stable, and one with a wide oscillation range and a more powerful remote control.” The $60 price tag made this tower fan even easier to recommend.
Compared to other models from Dyson and Vornado, the UltraSlimline’s remote control was more intuitive, with a well-designed LCD display and 13-foot range. Meanwhile, the frame construction was sturdier than any other fan in the test, except for the UltraSlimline with Tilt.
With such a hefty body, the testers still found the UltraSlimline lived up to its namesake, saying “the Seville’s svelte 11-by-11.25-by-39-inch dimensions can still fit into most spaces without getting in your way.” The unit’s safe design was also mentioned, including the secure grate holes and inaccessible fan blades.
Finally, the UltraSlimline’s four modes were competitive with almost every fan in the test. The high power setting kept testers cool in a 78 °F room during the day, while the second-lowest setting (with shutdown timer) allowed testers to fall asleep comfortably. Across the broad spectrum of criteria, the UltraSlimline 40” Tower Fan performed at a high level—especially for the price.
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