Bamboo Cutting Boards
For the five-minute cook or those of us who spend most of our time in the kitchen, there’s hardly a meal from chicken cutlets to a simple salad preparation that doesn’t require a cutting board.
Seville Classics offers a huge variety of cutting boards to meet a number of cooking, baking, and other food preparation needs. From complete racks and stands with bamboo work areas to simple polypropylene mats for quick prep and easy cleaning, you will be hard pressed to find a more varied inventory of cutting boards anywhere else online or off.
The standard wooden cutting board is perhaps the most common choice in kitchens all across the world. But what many people are not aware of is that wooden cutting boards are not always the best choice. For those looking for a completely sterilized surface in the cutting board of their choice, polypropylene cutting board sheets may be a better option—they allow for simple clean up, and come in a seven-pack, making it possible to assign a specific color to an assortment of food preparation types. For example, one may assign the yellow polypropylene cutting board to chicken prep, the red mat to beef, the green mat for salad preparation, and so on.
In addition, Seville Classics offers a broad range of bamboo cutting boards, ranging in size and style. Unlike other online purveyors of cutting boards, Seville Classics offers bamboo cutting boards in sets of two or more, in a variety of sizes, making it easy to switch boards during food preparation or to assign specific boards to specific cooking and prep tasks. Bamboo cutting boards are an excellent option because they are far less porous than wood, making them an overall easier to clean surface, and one that once cleaned, the user can rest assured is completely clean, through and through, due to its less permeable nature.
Seville Classics also provides a large inventory of cutting board organizers and storage options. People who cook everyday or who find themselves in a disorganized kitchen will easily find the cutting boards they need quickly and with ease when they choose to set up a cutting board organizer on their kitchen counter or kitchen island.
The cutting board organizers offered by Seville Classics brings you are available in bronze and steel, and work well on large countertops or pantries, and in smaller sizes, these cutting board organizers even work on small countertops. The cutting board organizers from Seville Classics can also be used to store cookie sheets and foldable cookie racks.
Today’s consumer is looking for a wide range of cutting board options based on what they are seeing on television cooking shows like Rachel Rae, Top Chef, and an array of shows on the Food Network. Seville Classics makes it possible for shoppers to find every type of cutting board used in a professional setting in one place—and at prices that are both competitive and affordable. For the experienced chef to the novice baker or cook, Seville Classics has an option just for you.