Work Stool
Seville Classics brings you two of the most highly sought after styles in work stools. To benefit the most from a work stool, it’s best to ensure that the materials it is made from are long lasting and that the stool itself will be able to withstand the conditions of your workspace, office, exam rooms, and more.
While many vendors of work stools boast a padded seat, it is actually much more functional and ergonomically appropriate to use a stool that has a contoured seat. For those who will spend all or most of their workday on a stool as they work with people, materials, or on a computer, a contoured seat provides more comfort and better posture than the type of stool that has a seat padded with materials that don't stand the test of time. When you purchase a stool with a contoured seat crafted from stainless steel, you won't have to worry about the wear and tear associated with stools and work chairs made from lesser materials.
For those who spend less time sitting in their workshops or workspace, a stainless steel work stool without a contoured seat will work just as well. Perhaps the most popular reason people opt for a work stool in the first place is for its ability to swivel. Both the contoured and non-contoured stainless steel work stools offered by Seville Classics are pneumatic, and offer complete 360 degree swiveling, making any task easier to tend to in the office, craft desk, or even the kitchen.
With a pneumatic stand, these stools adjust to a height of 25.5 inches all the way to just under 30 inches. In addition, the four legs and foot level of the Seville Classics work stools are chrome plated for a beautiful, finished look, and a wide base diameter of 19 inches. The seat itself on the non-contoured stainless steel stool is 16 inches, and has a weight capacity of 198 pounds. The contoured stainless steel work stool offers all the same measurements, with the exception of the seat top, which measures 14 rather than 16 inches. However, with its contoured seat and wider base-to-seat top ratio, this pneumatic work stool has the capacity to withstand as much as 300 pounds—more than 100 pounds the capacity of the non-contoured steel work stool.
Both stainless steel work stools are priced under $50, making them the ideal choice for the workspace and the wallet. Whether they are used as part of the seating décor in a restaurant or coffee shop, or being utilized as highly practical seating in a laboratory or medical facility, the pneumatic action makes it possible for people of nearly any height to be comfortable as they eat, work, study, or simply sit and chat.
With customer ratings of four stars, it's easy to see these work stools offer everything buyers are looking for and none of what they're not—these cleanly designed stainless steel stools are a perfect match for a wide array of interior design, or none at all—they are excellent workhorses that withstand constant use, but are also an elegant complement to modern interiors or as add-ons to other stainless steel decor in kitchens and industrial spaces.