Those of us who are stuck on laundry duty are always looking for the best place to store our clothes. If you are someone who deals with the laundry in your household, then you know how annoying it can be to find the best place to store dirty or clean clothing. Typically we use plastic containers, but there is a better option available these days!

With all the eco-friendly madness that has been popular in recent years, bamboo totes have been the laundry basket of choice. Bamboo is a wonderful material to use as so many different household items. It is a natural material and easy on the environment. Not only can you store clothing in your bamboo totes, you can store all of your toiletries and accessories as well!

Bamboo totes are a more practical choice for anyone who has “stuff.” In addition to the convenience, purchasing them is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Plastic baskets may seem like the easier option, and they very well might be, but when you buy a bamboo tote you are contributing to preserving our environment.

The great thing about bamboo is that it is, in fact, a grass and not a tree. After being harvested, it regrows just like the grass on your lawn. It grows very quickly, up to a meter a day! Unlike hardwood trees, after bamboo has matured, it can be harvested every single year as long as the plant is alive.

Using bamboo products means you are reducing erosion, maintaining water supply, and supplying cash and employment. Another advantage of using bamboo is that it has the ability to successfully grow in all different types of soil. This makes it quite a low maintenance plant.

There isn’t quite another material like bamboo—with its unique flexibility and regenerative properties, it’s a “one of a kind” material. When bamboo is harvested, you are really making the most of the plant. Ironically, when it is not harvested, the plant does not live as long as hardwood trees. When the old bamboo pole decays, it releases carbon into our atmosphere. What this really tells us is that bamboo forests that are not harvested whatsoever are actually hazards to our atmosphere. That is just one more reason why we should take advantage of all the beautiful bamboo products that are available to us. Pick a bamboo tote for all your laundry and accessory needs and feel great knowing that you are helping our environment be a cleaner and safer place.