A rolling bar cart offers a wonderful form for self-expression in your home. It’s not just a pretty place to display your liquor. You can use a bar cart to show off mementos that you’ve collected during your travels, stash your large art books, and display your fanciest serving glasses. In this guide, we’ve outlined how to style a bar cart with a few vibrant accents and complementary design cues.
Add Some Color
Most glassware and serving bottles are clear, but even if you already have a high-end set, you can still select a few colorful pieces to spice up the cart. Likewise, we recommend adding a few spirits and accouterment with gorgeous packaging, so that you transcend the usual bar cart essentials. If you have a minimalist cart like the 3-Shelf UltraZinc Commercial Utility Cart, a few splashes of color will make a huge difference.
Arrange a Beautiful Bouquet
Next, setting a tasteful floral arrangement next to your spirits can liven up the room. If your rolling bar cart stands out too much, a bouquet can help blend the cart into your living space. Likewise, your guests will appreciate having a bowl stocked with fresh fruit on the cart, especially if you’re using it in their cocktails. Beauty and sophistication doesn’t have to be expensive.

Contrast the Cart with a Smart Backdrop
Having a stylish bar cart is essential, but you also need to find the best place to put it. If possible, we recommend setting the cart in front of a complementary (or contrasting) backdrop. For example, if you have the Kitchen Work Table Cart with Bamboo Top, you may want to find a backdrop that complements the brown and bronze colors. This solidifies a larger theme or tableau for your interior décor, which makes it easier to come up with additional bar cart ideas.
kitchen cart
Once you invest in a few bar cart essentials, you’ll be ready to throw an unforgettable house party. At Seville Classics, we’ve designed our rolling table carts for a wide variety of situations, including bar service. For more interior design and storage tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!