wire shelvingBathroom organization is an area that many are lacking in—it can be very difficult to fit all of your toiletries and personal items in a few drawers and wire shelves, especially if you share this sacred space. Before you throw up your hands and give in to disarray, try some of these easy-to-implement strategies for making the most of this critical, and often small, space.
When it comes to bathroom drawers, messiness can be hard to avoid. When you’re in a hurry to get ready in the morning, it’s easy to just throw things in. Instead, save yourself some time by investing in drawer organizer trays. Bamboo boxes and trays are available in an array of sizes, and offer the perfect solution to keeping those toiletries you use every day in order. Use the same premise you use for organizing the garage—give your partner or roommate their own drawer or section so that items don’t overlap.
Too many towels and not enough space to hang them? Try stacking towel bars behind the bathroom floor. If that’s not going to cut it, try leaning a progressive ladder against the wall, securing it with hooks, and hang your towels there.
If your medicine cabinet is too small, get storage cube baskets for each person who uses the bathroom. These can be taken from room to room, if for example, you don’t like to do your jar or makeup in a steamy bathroom, or if others are waiting to shower. To make the most of your medicine cabinet, make sure not to lay things like your toothpaste and hairbrush horizontally—that’s a big space invader. Use magnetic hooks to hang what  you can and search for vertical containers. When it comes to dental care, your best bet is to invest in a vanity set to keep those essential and uber personal items apart from all the rest. Assign some wire shelves for hair tools, blow dryers and other items that take up too much space when laid horizontally.
Another easy strategy that will improve the look of your bathroom is to put your toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and soap in uniform plastic bottles. These will fit into your storage cubes easier and look more streamlined. You can label them accordingly or color code them if that appeals more.
Bathroom organizing is similar to organizing the garage: identify storage containers such as cabinets  or bins, label them accordingly, and fit your items neatly inside.  It will make a huge difference in your efficiency when it comes to getting out the door, and the improved aesthetic will calm you during the time you have to spend there.