Wine Rack
Wine is at the center of many cultures and traditions, and therefore, right at the center of many kitchens and restaurants across the United States and many other countries. Oftentimes, those who enjoy keeping wine on hand for a variety of occasions can have a hard time finding the wine they want for a specific meal or celebration because there’s simply a lack of organization, and great bottles of wine find themselves in the back of the pantry, the foot of the bar cabinet, or stored awkwardly next to cereal and breakfast foods on top of the refrigerator or above the kitchen sink.
Many people know there are ways to store small amounts of wine, say six bottles or less, but others are not aware that they don’t have to invest in a wine cellar to house all the wine they have without spending a fortune. And the biggest misconception of all? That wine storage has to be expensive. It simply doesn’t. There are many affordable ways to store wine in ways that are appealing to the eye while also saving space and time searching for that perfect bottle.
Seville Classics offers everything from home storage of wine in the Classic Lines Wine & Storage Rack System (up to 16 bottles) all the way to industrial wine storage on wire shelving that houses up to 168 bottles with ease, holding the weight without issue in the perfectly temperature regulated room for any vintage.
For the ultimate economist who would rather spend his or her green on the red, the option is clear: the UltraZinc 12-Bottle Mini Wine Rack. With its chrome like finish, this ecofriendly choice for wine storage fits anywhere you want it to in the kitchen, the bar, or on a table in the dining area.
For the wine lover looking for that classic wood finish for his pallet and his décor, Seville Classics offers up the Classics Lines Bamboo Wine & Storage Rack. This elegant wine storage system houses 16+ bottles of wine and is also extremely light and mobile. You can use it at home, or simply fold it up for use at a vacation house or other trip.
The most appealing aspect of the bamboo wine rack is what it’s made of—items like this crafted from bamboo boast the label of being made from the world’s fastest growing resource, and like anything made entirely of bamboo, this wine rack is made of entirely sustainable materials.
Even still, for the true at-home vintner, there is the solid wood wine rack that houses up to 40 bottles of wine at a time. This birch wood wine rack is classy in any setting, and serves the user well by making every label of every bottle visible and easy to manage. It can be affixed to the wall if desired, but works equally well as a design point and a functional piece of furniture on the floor.