UltraSlimline 17 Inch Oscillating Personal Tower Fan, WhiteDepending on the season, bed layers can be minimal or complex, with optional pillows and blankets that provide extra coziness. In this handy guide, we’ve shared how to layer a bed so you can add style and comfort to any bedroom.   

  1. Add a Bottom and Top Sheet:

Making your bed starts with the bottom fitted sheet. Tuck the corners under the mattress, so that the sheet stretches out and looks clean. Then, add a top sheet with the stitching upside down, so that you see it when folded over the quilt. For an even snugger fit, you can tuck your top sheet under the bottom section of the mattress as well. We recommend light-colored sheets that don’t distract from the quilt and duvet patterns.

  1. Drape a Quilt:

Next, take a matching quilt (or bedspread) and add it to your bed. It’s important that the quilt is long enough to cover the entire mattress, with a little extra room to hang. You can tuck the quilt inside the bedframe and under the mattress, or simply leave it as is. Then, fold your quilt and top sheet together at the top of the bed, and tuck the sides under the mattress, so that the folded section is flat and clean.

  1. Layer a Duvet Cover:

For more warmth and comfort, we recommend folding a duvet cover at the bottom of your mattress. You’ll have the option to use it on cold nights, and it will add color to your bed layers. Make sure to fluff the duvet up by hitting it with your hands, and then fold it into thirds, so you can quickly pull it up to cover the bed.

  1. Fluff Your Pillows:

Pillows offer a fun way to customize your bed’s look, with so many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. Start by setting your main bed pillows against the headboard. Then, arrange as many accent pillows as you like, so that it creates a classy configuration. You can place a discreet basket like the Foldable Water Hyacinth Portable Hamper at the foot of your bed, to store the throw pillows when you’re sleeping.

  1. Stash Blankets in a Storage Bench:

Finally, you’ll need a place to keep extra blankets for those exceptionally chilly nights. We recommend the Foldable Tufted Storage Bench Ottoman, which blends into a bedroom, supports 50 pounds of storage, and adds comfortable seating as well.
Learning how to layer a bed is just the beginning. At Seville Classics, we love helping people transform their home storage and décor. To learn about our latest products, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!