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  1. Get organized for back to school

    School is starting! Every year you probably make that promise to yourself, that this year will be the one that you get the kids to school on time every day, get super organized and live in a paper-free, clutter-free environment. Yet those wire shelves are still in their packaging, your desk is a disaster area and the kids are threatening...
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  2. Top 5 reasons to get organized

    Whether we want to admit it or not, we all can be a bit unorganized at times. We may buy garage storage cabinets and wire shelving for miles, but if you’re not using the organizational tools you have, then they’re just adding to the clutter. Besides the aesthetic benefits of getting organized, there are many reasons to de-clutter your household—and...
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  3. Shoe Racks, Huggable Hangers, and Laundry Sorters

    Sadly, summer is almost finished. The good news though, is that this means it's time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe! It also means you're going to have to make room in your house to fit all of your awesome new outfits. Don't panic, it's really not that hard. All you need are a few organizational items like shoe...
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  4. Wire shelves saved my relationship

    When I moved in with my new boyfriend, I have to say I was beyond overwhelmed. I grew up an only child, so I’m used to having my own space. I never had to worry about shelving for garage storage, cabinets, shoe racks or anything like that—I had an entire room in my old apartment just for my shoes and...
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  5. Improve Your Feng Shui With Wire Shelves!

    The title is true - doing something as easy as installing wire shelves in your home can greatly improve your Feng Shui! If you're new to interior design or just not caught up on the latest episode of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy', then you might be unsure what Feng Shui is exactly. Basically, it’s an ancient Chinese art...
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  6. The beauty of laundry sorters

    When it comes to doing laundry, this dreaded chore gets a lot easier when you have laundry sorters. We’re not talking about people who sort your dirty clothes from your clean ones—we’re talking about a sectional hamper that lets you separate your laundry into colors, fabric types and however else you want to divide your dirty clothes. Most people are...
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