5 Garage Pegboard Ideas

It’s hard to keep your tools clean and organized – especially when you’ve amassed a vast collection. To help with the process, we recommend installing a pegboard in your garage or warehouse. Pegboards are an incredibly versatile storage solution, with enough room to hang heavy power tools next to smaller specialty items. In this guide, […]

Garage Upgrades for 2018

In this guide, we’ve shared a few garage organizing tips for 2018, so you can fulfill your New Year’s resolution and finally finish that big project! With the right storage solutions and workplace tools, your garage has virtually unlimited potential. Here’s to a productive and fulfilling year.

Invest in a Workbench

Think of a workbench like your […]

How to Install Wire Shelving

At Seville Classics, we’ve designed our steel wire shelving as a standalone unit, so there’s no need to drill screws into a wall, or keep track of tiny brackets and wall clips. In fact, no tools are required for assembly, so the process is quick and painless. In this handy guide, we’ve outlined how to […]

How to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

In this guide, we’ve shared the best way to heat a garage in winter, along with some garage storage tips that will prepare you for the colder months. This will allow you to keep working on projects throughout the snowy season, without getting frostbite in the process.

Insulate the Garage

Before the temperature starts to drop, we […]

Home Essential Tips: Organizing Garages of All Sizes

In this guide, we’ve shared how to keep your garage clean and clutter-free, no matter how large the floorplan. With a few simple additions, you can dramatically boost your storage space and maximize your garage’s utility. Our Seville Classics storage solutions have the durability to last for years, and many of the items are backed […]

Wood Top vs. Stainless Steel Top Workcenters

Workcenters can transform your garage or warehouse into a DIY paradise. With a pegboard for important tools, drawers for small items, and a built-in LED light, Seville Classics’ UltraHD workcenters offer tremendous functionality at an affordable price. All UltraHD designs boast a powder-coated finish, which provide protection from corrosion in dry environments. They also have […]

Tips to Organize Your Entire Home Series 3: Garage Organization

Generally, the garage is the most neglected area of a house. Seen as a giant repository for everything that can’t fit in closets or bedrooms, most families don’t have enough space in their garage to store a car. Do we really need all that stuff? Below, we’ve shared five garage storage solutions that can reduce […]

How to Store Tools Efficiently

Everyone has their own organizational quirks. This makes storing tools an open-ended prospect, which depends on how you like things arranged. However, there are general guidelines that can help you develop your personal tool chest or rolling cabinet, so that it’s catered to your taste. First, we recommend laying out all of your tools and […]

10 DIY Shelving Ideas

Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite DIY shelving projects, which can be built on a limited budget at home or the office.

1. Honeycomb Shelves: Using a miter saw, a drill and drill bit, wood screws, a rotary sander, and wood glue, you can cut 3 fencing planks at 30º angles to create hexagon shelving. […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and picking out a cool, useful gift that dad would enjoy is at the top on this week’s to-do list. Whether Dad is a dexterous artisan who embraces various DIY projects around the home, a technophile who knows all about the latest and greatest technology, a savvy businessman […]