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  1. Want to Lose Weight? Just Stand Up!

    Want to Lose Weight? Just Stand Up!

    Standing desks have been a popular topic for a long time. A recent study in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology has confirmed that they can help burn more calories in the long run. In precise terms, you’ll burn around .04 more calories standing versus sitting. This might not seem like an enormous difference, but over time, it adds up...
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  2. Everything You Need to Know About CES 2018

    las vegas ces This year, Seville Classics is proud to showcase the latest in office technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES. It’s our second year attending Las Vegas’ illustrious tech convention. We’ve returned with our new AIRLIFT® Standing Desk Converters, the AIRLIFT® XL Sit-Stand Mobile Desks, and much more.   Continue reading →
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  3. Top 3 things to consider when buying a fan

      Whether you live in the desert, the city or at the beach, we all know that fans can come in really handy—and not just when a situation needs cooling down. While fans are definitely a more economical way to cool down your house on hot days, they’re also helpful for circulating the air throughout your house, airing out odors...
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  4. Coffee table that folds - Brilliant!

    I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I don't really have a lot of floor space in my living room. In fact every time I invite guests over, I need to clear my coffee table and move it into the bedroom. Or on those rare occasions when I do feel like working out in front of the television set, I have to brush aside that clunky table, risking certain injury running into it when I'm done. Enter the newly design Classic Lines Coffee table - this thing folds up so that you can easily store it away. Now I can do my karaoke kick dance in peace. The Classic Lines coffee table is available here for $89.99. Continue reading →
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