Office Tips & Tricks

  1. Implement Feng Shui with storage shelves

    While the principles of Feng Shui are rather complex, you can easily apply some of the basics to any space, with just a few organizational tools such as storage shelves, shoe racks and cabinets for garage storage. Best of all, you really don’t need a comprehensive understanding of Feng Shui to implement the principles and enjoy the significant benefits. One...
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  2. When to hire a professional organizer

    When I was a kid I remember the house becoming a disaster zone. Toys, cloths, papers, homework, and anything else a child does would be strewn across the house. If you don’t have a housekeeper to keep your life organized whether it is home or office chances are your work zone can become a disaster zone. If this situation sounds...
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  3. Top 10 reasons to get organized

    There are a multitude of reasons to organize your home and office. With a few wire shelves, some garage storage cabinets and other organizational tools, you can transform your life. 1. You want to make a good impression. Whether you have a hot date on the way or your boss is coming by to drop off some materials for you...
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  4. What happens when you put garage organizing off?

    If you’re like me, there is lots to be done when it comes to garage organizing. If you moved recently, or even if you haven’t, it can be so easy to procrastinate when it comes to getting your garage together. The thing is, every once in awhile something happens out of your control that makes you wish you’d bought those...
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