With so many electric fans on the market today, it’s difficult to tell the quality models from the flimsy imitations. We think the best fans offer an attractive mix of performance, value, and dependability. Your fan should be able to circulate air throughout an entire room, but it shouldn’t make too much noise. Below, we’ve shared 5 criteria that will help you make a smart decision when buying a tower fan.

Compact and Stylish Design

With a slim profile and a steel intake grill, the 40” UltraSlimline tower fan keeps your room cool, without detracting from the interior décor. The entire UltraSlimline collection has plenty of style, with contemporary design cues that match a modern bedroom or office. For an even more compact solution, try the 17” Personal Tower Fan, which is ideal for a desk or countertop.

Durable Construction

Designed with hardened ABS plastic and a tough metal housing, the UltraSlimline is built to handle wear and tear. ABS is tougher than polystyrene, with incredible heat and impact resistance. Meanwhile, the 40” UltraSlimline with Tilt uses an aluminum housing, which keeps the fan both durable and lightweight.

Remote Control Range

It’s better to own a tower fan with a long wireless range, so you can activate it quickly without getting out of your chair. The UltraSlimline comes with a highly accurate LCD remote, which works up to 13 feet away from the fan. The remote’s display is easy to read in dark rooms, with clearly marked icons and an intuitive button layout.

Adjustable Tilt

For even more control over your airflow, we recommend upgrading to the 40” UltraSlimline with Tilt. The unit is designed with three tilt settings: direct, wall, and ceiling. This allows you to enjoy the increased air circulation, without having it constantly blowing in your direction.

Low Price Point

Compared to other tower fans on the market, the 40” UltraSlimline offers tremendous value at its $60 price point. With low noise, strong airflow, and a stable design, no other fan can compete at that price. Other fans are more compact and powerful, but they don’t offer the full package. In fact, Seville Classics offers a 1-year warranty with every UltraSlimline fan, which protects against any defects under normal use.     
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