Laundry is an unavoidable part of becoming an adult. However, if you’re a new college student with no experience sorting, washing, or drying clothes, you may need a little guidance. We recommend investing in a quality hamper with multiple bags, secure wheels, and a sturdy frame. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a laundry hamper for a college dorm (or cramped apartment):

Laundry Sorting Style

First, think about how much clothing you’ll need to wash on a regular basis, and how you’d like to sort it. Most hampers are divided into two sections for light and dark clothes, but the Seville Classics 3 Bag Laundry Sorter adds a bag for your delicates. Each bag can hold up to 1.6 cubic feet of clothing, so there’s enough space for your roommates.

Mobile vs. Stationary

If you’re living in a typical college dorm with a communal laundry room, you need a smart way to transport dirty clothes. Not all laundry sorters are built for mobility, but the Double Bag Compact Laundry Hamper certainly is. With a heavy-duty steel frame and 2” wheels, the hamper rolls easily from room to room. Two of the wheels have a locking mechanism, so you can secure the hamper after reaching your destination. No need to break your back hauling oversized bags around campus.   

Drying Racks and Folding Tables

Depending on your needs, Seville Classics also has a laundry sorter with a built-in folding table. Designed with poly-foam padding and a washable cotton cover, it’s the perfect surface for ironing and folding clothes. Meanwhile, the 3 Bag Laundry Sorter with Hanging Bar provides additional wardrobe storage in a cramped college dorm. When fully extended, the chrome-plated hanger bar is 66” tall, so you have plenty of room for jackets and dresses.

Washable Bags

College dorms with multiple roommates can get smelly, especially if everyone likes to exercise on a regular basis. It’s crucial to own washable laundry storage, so that your dirty clothes don’t soil your hamper. Every Seville Classics laundry sorter has removable canvas bags with chrome-plated steel handles. For even more support, the Laundry Hamper Sorter Cart includes bags made from polyester mesh, with a water-resistant PVC coating.
For more than 350 years, Seville Classics has been an innovator in home storage and laundry solutions. Our sorters have removable canvas bags and smooth rolling frames, so they make laundry day easy. Visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages for more laundry tips!