Wicker furniture is designed to be left outside and exposed to the elements, but it isn’t invulnerable. Over time, wicker can get dirty and weather-damaged, which is why it’s so important to clean on a semi-regular basis. In this guide, we’ve shared how to clean wicker furniture using a few common-sense techniques, which will ensure that your pieces stay in excellent condition.
Shield It from the Elements
Even though wicker can handle rain and direct sunlight, it will damage the furniture with enough exposure. To keep your wicker looking fresh and new, we recommend positioning the pieces beneath a covered patio or porch. Likewise, you should try to keep the furniture out of the sun when not in use, and rotate the furniture occasionally so that the same areas aren’t exposed. To help restore the fibers, you can also wipe the wicker down with a small amount of lemon oil.
wicker chairs
Set a Cleaning Schedule
With today’s calendar apps, it’s so easy to set a reminder to clean your wicker furniture six months down the road. This way, you can enjoy the furniture and not think about cleaning it until the notification pops up on your phone. First, get a microfiber cloth damp with warm water, and wipe down the wicker thoroughly. If you have trouble removing dirt from hard-to-reach crevices, you can also use a soft paintbrush or an old toothbrush.
Maintain Your Cooking Surfaces
Meanwhile, when it comes to bamboo furniture like the Butcher Block Top Kitchen Island Cart, you can store the piece outside with wicker furniture, but the bamboo needs regular cleaning and maintenance. If you get the bamboo top dirty when preparing food, you should scrub it with soap and a damp cloth. To keep bamboo healthy and moist, you can rub mineral oil in and let it soak overnight. This should be done every month, or anytime you notice the bamboo is starting to dry out.
Deal with Mildew and Odors
Finally, here’s a tip for dealing with the mold and mildew that can grow on wicker when exposed to enough moisture. Start by mixing 25% vinegar and 75% water in a container, wetting a soft cloth with the mixture, and rubbing the wicker with it. A few minutes later, you can wet another cloth with warm water and wipe off the vinegar solution. Whether you’re cleaning patio chairs or storage baskets, this simple trick works exceptionally well.   
wicker basket
Ready for spring cleaning? This year, don’t forget to give your wicker furniture some tender loving care. For more cleaning and organization tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!