rolling utility cartAn organized home is bliss.
To upgrade and bring order to your home however, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to solve your most pressing organizing and storage problems.
Using one of our durable commercial utility carts, you can create art stations for your children or entertain guests with a festive food and drink station on your patio.
The following quick fixes help bring -- peace of mind and order – to your happy home.

Problem: You need a portable place on your patio or deck to serve food and drinks.

Quick Fix: Use the utility cart as an outdoor serving station to serve your guests. Nothing says party time like a festive display for guests to wine and dine outdoors. When you need to roll out the hors d’oeuvre platter and margarita station on the patio, use a platinum-colored, rolling utility cart to wow your guests. If you have covered patio, you can keep the cart outside when you are not using it.

Problem: You don’t have enough room in your basement to store your scrapbooking supplies.

Quick Fix: Instead of investing in more shelving, place all your notebooks, papers and cutouts on a commercial utility cart. When you have a party with your fellow scrapbooking pals, you can easily move this scrapbooking station from the basement to other areas of the home.

Problem: You need help transporting your groceries from the car into the home.

Quick Fix: No one wants to drag plastic or paper bags filled with groceries into the home one by one. To solve this common problem, place your food and household items on a rolling utility cart. You’ll not only save time transferring you items from the car to the house, but you will also prevent dropping and destroying any delicate items like eggs and glass jars.

Problem: You love caring for your garden, but you cannot carry all your tools on your utility belt.

Quick Fix: Planting perennials in the fall is fun, but when you have the right gardening tools, it’s even better. If you’ve outgrown your gardening apron, place all your tools on a commercial utility cart instead. A large cart will have enough room for your weeding hand fork, transplanting hand trowel, snips, gloves, planters, seeds and your watering wand.

Problem: Your child’s art supplies have outgrown the cubby space in their room.

Quick Fix: Don’t try to store all the colored pencils, paints, easels and brushes in this spot; stow just what your child needs in his or her room. Put the overflow of supplies on the utility cart in the garage. If your child outgrows their small art space in their room, you can transfer their creativity to the garage and leave the mess and the storage outside.

Problem: You are having a spa party at home, but don’t have adequate space to hold your pampering supplies.

Quick Fix: To create a serene space, place your spa supplies on a rolling utility cart. Use the cart to transform your dining room, basement or living room into a facial treatment station, where your party guests can mix and make their own treatments.