There’s nothing better than having a clean, peaceful space to work on creative projects. Treat your mom with a beautiful craft center for her favorite hobbies. It’s worth the initial effort to set up a dedicated craft area, and with just a few DIY solutions and some drawer organizers, you can transform a spare bedroom or nook into your personal studio. Below, we’ve shared some tips to get you started.

Invest in Quality Storage

Your mom’s crafts studio needs some storage space for small items, while also having a bit of color and flair to inspire her creativity. The Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart offers the best of both worlds, with a multi-color design that spans the rainbow. The polypropylene drawers are lightweight and sturdy, with enough depth to store bulky art supplies and small stationery. Meanwhile, the chrome-plated steel frame rests on locking caster wheels, so you have full mobility and safety.
In addition to pearlized multi-color, the 10-Drawer Organizer Cart is available in frosted white and black, so you can choose a color scheme that fits your mom’s style. Here are a few Amazon testimonials from satisfied Organizer Cart owners:
“I absolutely love these storage drawers for my paper and vinyl crafting! The drawers easily fit 12x12" sheets and are so easy to access. The little 6 drawer unit seen in my picture (different brand) requires me to pull the drawer out completely to access the contents cause it is actually a case, not an open top drawer - what a pain! My Seville Classics drawers are easy to access, easy to see the contents, still keeps dust out, and look great too!” - Arleen 
“Exactly what I needed for homeschooling. We use it for our workbox system. I did order the Pearlized color but got sent a different color, but the company gave me 10% off, wonderful customer service! These are a lot sturdier than I expected.” - Emily
“This cart has been a lifesaver for me. It's helped so much keeping all of my baking/cookie decorating things organized. I've had it for about a year & it still holds up great. I like that I'm able to roll it away into my garage whenever I need more space in my small kitchen for entertaining.” - Andrea D.

Set Up Your Work Studio

Next, consider the items you already have at your disposal, such as mason jars, vintage furniture, or large pieces of wood that can be used for a desk. If you have an old door lying around the garage, you can also re-purpose it as an extended desktop with plenty of space for crafts. When it comes to restoring weathered items, there’s really nothing like a fresh coat of paint.

Assemble Wall Storage

Depending on your mom’s creative passions, you may want to install a pegboard in the studio, so that she has easy access to important tools and supplies. Our UltraHD Pegboard Workcenter might be the perfect centerpiece for her crafts, with a built-in power strip, two sliding drawers, and 23 hooks included with the pegboard.

Choose a Comfortable Seat

When you’re in the zone and working on a compelling project, hours can fly by without you even noticing. It’s so important to have a comfortable, ergonomic seat for those marathon sessions. Our UltraHD Pneumatic Work Stool offers plenty of cushioning and back support, while also being mobile and height-adjustable. Having that flexibility makes all the difference when working on crafts that require dexterity and focus.