Many people cite their master closet as the most difficult home organizing project to tackle. If only it were as easy as picking up a couple of shoe racks and some hangers! But for those of us with a well-curated wardrobe and a to-die-for shoe collection, some serious strategy needs to be exacted in order to optimize the space and keep your wardrobe pristine and organized.
You don’t need to have a huge walk-in closet for it to be well-designed.  Customizable closet organizers come with extra shelves and expandable hanging rods that will literally double, if not triple, the storage space of your closet. If you still need room for clothes storage, you can install a chrome wire shelving system for your foldable items, such as sweaters and hoodies.  Another option is to get some stackable storage cubes to store clothing that can be folded.
Maximize your closet’s hanging rods by investing in ultra slim velvet hangers—they take up considerably less space than plastic ones, and the velvet grips your clothes so they don’t fall on the floor, where they can quickly become a wrinkled mess. Another great organizational tip is to buy hangers in different colors and color code what you hang on them—for example, black could be for dresses or suits, grey could be for bottoms, and white can be for shirts and blouses. There are clips you can buy to transform those slim hangers into pants hangers as well.
While some people like to add drawers to their closet space, they are big space invaders—meaning they typically take up more space than they’re worth. A chrome wire shelving system is a much more efficient use of space—in addition to foldable clothes, they are great for holding handbags, small luggage and linens.
Last but not least, shoes. If you’re an avid collector, shoes can be another huge space invader. If you’re too attached to toss any of your shoes, then shoe racks are a must. You may also want to consider having a seasonal plan to store your winter boots and shoes in their boxes, in the back of the closet, for when spring and summer roll around.