At Seville Classics, we think of wire storage racks as a versatile tool, which you can use to enhance your lifestyle and get more productive. To that end, here are a few innovative ideas for wire shelving that go beyond traditional storage.

Indoor Garden

First, wire shelving offers tremendous ventilation for your houseplants and cute herb garden. If you’re building a more substantial grow rig, the shelving design is perfect for hanging indoor lights over the plants as well. Garden shelves are a truly eco-friendly solution for a cramped living space, and you don’t need to purchase expensive equipment to make it a reality.  

Pet Playground

Cats love to climb on cabinets and entertainment centers, finding cozy hiding spots in elevated spaces. Wire racks like the 5-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving can serve as the perfect pet sanctuary, with multiple levels for your cats to lounge. If you place a smaller shelving unit next to the 72”-tallone, the cats can have fun and leap between levels.

Open-Air Pantry

Some apartment kitchens are designed with a minimalist and modern look, and they look amazing with a steel shelving unit as a centerpiece. We recommend the UltraZinc NSF Steel Wire Shelving, which has been tested for optimal hygiene and safety. The unit’s corrosion-resistant zinc plating has a gorgeous shine, and it looks incredible when set against a clean white kitchen wall. You can use the shelving unit to store food, plates, kitchen accessories, and much more.   

Craft Room Cubby

If you have a DIY craft room or garage workspace, you can dedicate a shelving unit as your supply storage area. Use plastic containers and baskets to stash most of your items, and then hang any spooled materials (such as ribbons and stickers) on a horizontal rod. Many wire shelving units are small enough to fit inside a closet, so they stay out of sight when you’re not crafting.

Server Farm

Finally, if you’re a scrappy startup working out of a garage, you can store computer servers on a shelving unit until you graduate to a proper office. Servers need plenty of ventilation so that they don’t overheat, and they need structural support as well. Wire storage racks offer a ventilated design and serious durability, so they’re an ideal solution for computer networks.  
For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been an innovator in wire shelving and fun storage solutions. Our shelves are affordable, durable, and easy to assemble without tools. Visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages to learn how wire storage racks can transform your everyday life.