J Hooks
Anyone who has survived their spouse’s mess in the garage wishes time and time again there was a simple solution to fit all of those pieces of equipment, tools, supplies, nuts and bolts into the space in an organized fashion. Enter the J hook! It may seem to simple to work, but the J hook can literally lift the mess away from the rest of the items that reside in the garage. For example, bikes and children’s items like scooters and tricycles can come off the floor safely and neatly by hanging from a J hook on the garage wall, freeing up work space or even… room for a car!
In addition, nearly every garage suffers from a disorganized heap of toys. Oftentimes, those who use the tools don’t want them out of sight in a toolbox, fearing they won’t be able to find them, or, the tools themselves are too large to fit into a toolbox. A J hook works miracles in these scenarios, making it possible to hang monkey wrenches, channel locks, handled axes, shovels, and even leaf blowers, weed eaters, and other unwieldy equipment that just doesn’t fit anywhere else in the garage, work space, or shed.
With each J hook able to withstand about 33 pounds of weight, two or more J hooks can be used in unison to hang one larger or heavier item. For example, most full sized adult ten speeds or mountain bikes don’t hang well off of one J hook due to size or weight, by using two J hooks, bikes of any size and nearly any type will hang very well and free up floor space for lawnmowers, other vehicles, and even room to engage in car projects and more.
One of the biggest consumer complaints about J hooks is the fact that they scratch up the items that are hung from them, making these items susceptible to rust or weather damage, on top of affecting the overall appearance of anything hung on the hook. For this reason, the J hooks offered by Seville Classics are made from powder coated steel, with the actual hook portion coated with a heavy rubberized covering. Not only does this keep items from getting scratched or otherwise damaged, it also offers a much safer hold on the items hung with these J hooks as there is virtually no slippage possible past the rubber-ended J hook fastener.
The J hooks install easily onto any garage wall, and can be used at any height appropriate for the user. Whether you’re hanging a small series of wrenches or a large series of rubber mallets or garden tools and shovels, the Seville Classic J hooks can handle the job. If you’re tired of feeling like a shared garage space is starting to seem more like a one man show, it may be time to invest in J hooks. And on that note, you’d be hard pressed to find a way to invest less in such a large problem with such amazing organizational results: costing just $1.99 per J hook, you could literally revamp your entire garage with some elbow grease and less than $20.