Resin storage baskets are cozier than your average plastic container. They allow you to quickly stash small items, look great in any room of the house, and can be put on display without sapping the style from your existing décor. If you’re trying to clean up your place before hosting guests, baskets and storage cubes will be your secret weapon. Below, we’ve outlined how to declutter your home with a few carefully placed baskets.
1. Consolidate Your Bathroom:
Storage baskets look amazing in a bathroom, and they provide an easily accessible place to collect toiletries and potpourri. At Seville Classics, we’ve created a Woven Hyacinth Storage Cube Basket, which has handles for quick access on a bathroom shelf. We use dried water hyacinth for the basket construction, and this highly durable material can handle exposure to water. For a damp bathroom, it’s the perfect storage solution.
2. Simplify Your Entertainment Center:
We’ve all dealt with a television setup that requires four separate remote controls just to play a movie. In this situation, it’s frustrating enough just figuring out which buttons to press, but it can become ridiculous if one or two of the remotes are lost. Eliminate this possibility by placing a storage basket next to the sofa. Here, you can store any remotes, video game controllers, and other important electronics in one place. Any time you need to turn on the TV, simply pull the remote out of the basket, and then put it back when you’re done.
3. Access Your Holiday Décor:
Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of random decorations for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and every other holiday under the sun. A simple cardboard box or plastic container is fine, but neither of these storage solutions offers the accessibility of a storage basket. Your “Christmas” box might be perched at the top of a garage shelving unit, requiring you to use a ladder and move other boxes just to get to it. On the other hand, resin storage baskets are compact enough to slide out, grab the decorations you need, and get on with your day.
4. Create a Place for Stray Toys:
In every family home, you’ll find a playroom or special area that’s just for the kids, with tiny toys strewn all over the floor. Here, a few storage baskets can go a long way. Your children will have a place to stash their Legos, action figures, dollhouse furniture, and board game pieces. It will also reduce the mess, cleaning up your floor and reducing the possibility that someone slips on a sharp plastic object. Best of all, your kids will love having a place for their cherished possessions.
For more than 30 years, Seville Classics has been a leading innovator in home organization. After decades of experience in the storage business, Seville Classics is proud to continue crafting products that simplify lives. We hope you enjoy our baskets and storage cubes — visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages to get inspired!