Sprucing up your living area with plants is an affordable, healthy, and easy home decorating solution. Not only do plants clean up the air, but they also make a house feel like a home, adding a living element that can’t be replicated with a trendy lamp or a colorful vase. This is doubly important for city dwellers, who often don’t have a yard and live in much tighter quarters. With a few carefully placed plants, you can make your home feel more welcoming and cozy, while spending almost no money. Below, we’ve listed a few home decoration tips for plant lovers and aspiring green thumbs.
Create a Succulent Arrangement
If you’re new to the world of plants, you may want to start by purchasing a few tiny cacti and succulents. They require almost no water, take up very little space in your home, and look great on a desk or windowsill. We recommend buying plants with contrasting colors, shapes, and textures, so that you create an attractive medley. Bonus points if you can select plants that play off the dominant colors in your room, such as your furniture and walls.
Place an Array of Plants
Using a bench, it’s easy to showcase a variety of plants in one area of the house. Benches are narrow enough that they don’t take up much space, but they’re also long enough to support a few plants side by side. You can also place plants on an end table, trunk, or bannister for a similar effect. We recommend choosing plants with differing heights and shapes, so that your arrangement is more visually appealing. However, there’s no right answer when decorating! Just have fun, be creative, and come up with something that brings you joy.
Transform Old Furniture into a Plant Holder
Home decorating is an ever-evolving process, and a sculpture or piece of furniture can easily be repurposed into a plant holder. For example, you might have a cool vintage chair that ties your room together, but isn’t actually comfortable to sit in. Why not embrace the chair as a decorative element, and make it even more beautiful with a hanging plant? This idea goes way beyond furniture, though. Try placing a plant inside an old picture frame, inside unused drawers, or inside a piece of driftwood to add green accents throughout the house.
Catch Moisture with an Orchid
Finally, our home decoration tips are relevant for every room in the house, including the bathroom. In particular, orchids thrive in a sunny and humid environment, so they’re great if you have a bathroom with lots of natural light. We recommend placing the pot in a glass cylinder filled with gravel, so that moisture is caught and reabsorbed by the plant. When choosing an orchid, look for bright greenery and only a few open flowers.