garage organizing binsAs I'm sure you already know, National Garage Organizing Day is this weekend! Saturday is the day for you to finally bang out that enormous list of garage organizing tasks that you’ve been slacking on for months now. It's time, and you know the boxes aren't going to stack themselves on shelves!
You can admit that you're sick of not being able to park your car in your own garage or leave the door up without being embarrassed by all the clutter. Garage Organizing Day is a time to leave those feelings in the past, and to celebrate, we talked with several experts who offered up some great ways to maximize your space and tidy it up for the world (or at least your neighbor Jim) to see.
Step one: De-Clutter! Take everything out of the garage and put it into your driveway or backyard. It's the only way for you to assess how much room you're really dealing with. It'll will help you decide where you want to install shelving for storage and which areas will work best for a work space, if you're so inclined. Once you figure out how to use the space it becomes easier to store the relevant items you’ll need for each area.
Step two: Make the tough decisions! It can be hard deciding what to keep and what can go in the trash. If you’re having trouble eliminating the excess, try asking yourself: 1) Do I absolutely need it? 2) Do I really like it? and 3) When did I last use it? Answering these really helps you narrow it down and once you’ve decided what you no longer need, you can toss it or donate it (if it's in relatively good condition!) to someone that might need it more than you.
Step three: Upwards and onward! If you have things that are relatively light but take up too much space on the ground, your best bet is to utilize the walls and ceiling. Install some chrome storage shelving for the smaller items and for things like sports equipment, gardening tools and travel gear. Items with handles, such as rakes, brooms, rakes and mops and other tools can be placed on hooks, while bikes, surfboards, scooters and such can be hung on racks.
Step four: Group it! This one seems like a no brainer but you'd be surprised. Make sure you store similar items near each other in a way that's organized. There's no reason in the world for you to put base gloves across the room from bats or other sporting equipment. Not only is stuff easier to find this way, it just makes sense.
Step five: Stick a label on it! The best way to ensure that everything is returned to its proper place is to stick a label on every thing. Label every single drawer, box, bin and all of your storage shelving. It may seem like boring and time consuming, but the time you’ll save plenty of time when you're searching for your socket set, if it's spot on the shelf is labeled clearly!