The average person can barely fit their car into their garage. In fact, it's often embarrassing to leave their garage door open! If you can relate to this, then you probably desperately need to get your storage in order. Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time to start that garage organizing project. The garage is probably the most disorganized area of everyone's home, but it doesn’t have to be. With some storage shelving and garage storage cabinets, you can make it easy to find your tools or those boxes of holiday decorations without having to move everything around all the time.
First things first, you need to determine what items you want to keep. This can be really tough for some people to do—hence the popularity of the reality show Hoarders! Since you probably aren’t looking to make a cameo on there anytime soon, start going through your garage and eliminating the excess today. It’s not worth it to install garage storage shelving until you know how much storage space you'll really need. Be ruthless. You probably don’t really need those ski boots from 20 years ago or that old VHS copy of Ghostbusters. Have a garage sale, donate to Goodwill and trash all of the really undesirable items.
Next, figure out what you want to store in the garage and what purposes you want each area to serve. You may want to set up a workshop for gardening or mechanics if you're into that, or you may want garage storage shelving that is dedicated just to your sporting gear. Write down your goals for the space and from there, create a list of special areas or “zones” where certain activities will take place or specifically where everything will be stored.
The next important step to take is to group all of the similar or related items together. If you choose to install garage storage cabinets, for example, you’ll want them to store similar items so that you can easily locate what you need when you need it. Things like fishing equipment, tools, car equipment or boxes of decorations should be kept in cabinets with similar types of items so you don't need to spend the day moving a bunch of boxes around, which ultimately leads to frustration.
When garage organizing, it’s extremely helpful to label all boxes and storage containers, as well as cabinets and storage shelving. Obviously, this will help you identify where everything is, but it will also encourage the rest of the family (or neighbors!) to put things back in their right place. This will also help to avoid future clutter and make this garage organizing project time very well spent!