When decorating our bathrooms, the last thing we usually thinks about is being eco-friendly. However, these days, people are really thinking about what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. One of the things you can do that is really simple is to pick bamboo as the material you use for household products, including bathroom sets and more.

When you pick an eco-friendly bamboo bath set, you are picking better for the environment. Not only are you using a renewable source, but you are also getting to enjoy the beauty and style that bamboo offers. Pick an eco-friendly bamboo bath and vanity set to compliment any bathroom in your home.

If you get the chance to own your own a bamboo bath and vanity set, you get a combination kit of a hand towel tray, a tissue box cover, a soap or lotion dispenser, cotton box, and a bamboo wastebasket. They are a beautiful combination of products you can utilize in any one of your bathrooms. The top of the soap/lotion dispenser is made out of metal and can hold about 8 ounces of liquid.

Bamboo has so many advantages over hardwood and other types of materials. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it holds a host of other benefits as well. It is a humble material that grows just as common grass does. Instead of dying after it is cut down, it regenerates after being cut down! Being an organic material, bamboo brings a natural feel to any piece you decide to bring into your home.

Technically, bamboo is not a tree—it is a grass. While it may take a different type of hardwood tree years or even decades to grow to its full maturity, bamboo can grow up to as tall as 150 feet in less than six weeks’ time! While trees’ trunks grow thicker over time, bamboo stems (culms) stay the same size that they grew out of the ground throughout the entirety of their life.

Bamboo is known for being extremely durable as well. When you choose bamboo as the material for your bath set, you are also choosing longevity and vitality. Bamboo is a beautiful material you can use for so many products in the home. The bath sets made out of bamboo will last you a lifetime, and you are saving the earth, one bathroom piece at a time!