laundry basket

While you can sort, soak, wash and dry your clothes in any room in the house, a well-organized and immaculate laundry room is an essential space in the modern home.
To keep your laundry room neat and clean, you will need a variety of functional bins and baskets, laundry sorters, rods and racks to separate, clean and dry clothes.
Whether you have a small laundry space or a spacious and well-ventilated room, this space should be organized,
clean and cheerful.

Basic Laundry Room Essentials
  • A large cabinet or shelves to hold whiteners, detergents, stain removers and starches.
  • Laundry sorters, baskets and bins to sort your clothes.
  • A large sink or basin to hand-wash, treat or presoak stains.
  • A rod across the doorway or a drying rack for hanging swimsuits and delicates to dry.
  • A small table for drying and folding sweaters.
  • A place to store your ironing board, iron and steamer.
Laundry Sorters & Laundry Baskets

Sorting your clothes before washing them is essential. To speed up the sorting process, place a small hamper or fabric bin in every bathroom and bedroom. Your family members can then deposit soiled and dirty clothing into their own laundry basket.
If you do not have space in your home for individual bins in each bedroom and bathroom, a two- or three-bin laundry sorter or rolling fabric cart, helps to divide the white, darks and hand-washable loads easily.
Make sure to keep your dry cleaning out of the laundry room to prevent damaging your dry-clean only clothing beyond repair.

Storage and Shelves

Typically, a simple shelf above the washer, and dryer provides enough space for your detergents, fabric softeners and pretreaters. To accommodate a full-size laundry room, you should plan for enough shelving and storage to hold, removable hangers, plastic bins and your laundry sorters.
If you do not have a large space in your current washing room to hold your laundry supplies, place these essential items in a small laundry basket or wicker bin that can be stored in a linen closet nearby.

Racks and Rods

The most frustrating part of doing the laundry is trying to find a spot to hang garments to dry. Solve this annoying problem by installing a rod in your laundry room.
A long or short rod in a small nook, or hung across the doorway, is a great place to hang your hand-washables to dry. To keep from damaging or staining the fabrics, place your damp garments on plastic hangers instead of wooden or padded ones.

Ironing and Folding
If you do not have room for a small table to iron your clothes, place an ironing board on the back of the laundry room door using a metal or plastic hanger. If you can, buy an ironing board hanger that holds and stores the iron too.

Alternatively, you can install a wall-mounted wood board inside of your laundry room to iron your items.
The ideal laundry room has good lighting, plenty of storage space and room for folding, ironing, air-drying and hanging clothes. Use these tips to create a serene space to clean your clothes and keep your laundry room organized and free from clutter.