fall organizing tipsFall is officially here—and along with it comes the possibility for more clutter. Just when you thought all that garage organizing was completed, your household is suddenly inundated with all the extra jackets, coats, umbrellas, gardening tools and other goodies that become essential during fall weather.
For the influx of fall accessories, simply install some double ceiling hooks on the bottom of a shelf closest to the foyer. If you actually have a closet near the foyer or entry way, you’re in amazing luck! It’s the perfect place to install those hooks, and a great place to add shoe racks for those rain boots, winter galoshes and UGGs.
Speaking of cold feet and shoe racks — cold weather also means those warm, fuzzy slippers will be making appearances. Why not keep a basket filled with comfy slippers and heavy socks somewhere convenient? It will be an extra incentive for everyone to take off those nasty wet shoes that are tracking dirt onto your clean floors.
What typically happens this time of year is that your children get involved in new sports or you and your better half get inspired to take up snowboarding, skiing, ice hockey or some other fall/winter sports. Just when you thought that garage organizing was over! Don’t fret—simply pick up a few more garage storage cabinets for this exact reason.
Fall also brings along lots of leaves that need raking. You can always store the necessary gardening tools in your garage storage cabinets, but if those are getting crowded, simply get creative. Tuck those essential tools into a carpenter’s nail pouch and tie it to the handles of a wheelbarrow. All your tools are in one place, easy to find and just as easy to store. If you don’t have a shed and need to get those hoses and sprinklers out of the way, you can stretch bungee cords between the studs on the garage walls and store those bad boys there!