The ancient Chinese system of feng shui is about finding harmony with your environment, whether you’re designing a new building or arranging furniture in your home. Though scientists remain skeptical about feng shui’s scientific merit, it remains a powerful tool for home organization. Below, we’ve shared four practical tips for employing feng shui in any household, so that you reduce clutter and inspire a more positive lifestyle.
Encourage Energy Flow
According to the feng shui system, there are invisible energies that keep the universe alive, and these are known as chi (or qi). We want to invite as much chi in our homes as possible, because this life force creates more joy and wellbeing. To encourage energy flow, consider which rooms generally have more activity and laughter, and which rooms seem drab and lonely. Painting a room, bringing in lush plants, and adding more natural light can make a huge difference with a room’s energy.
Pay Attention to Vibrations
When a room is lacking chi, the energy flow may be blocked or stifled, and this has a direct effect on our mental state. Often, smaller areas like a hallway or foyer are the most neglected. These pathways should always be kept clear, so that chi energy can move between rooms. If you live in a multi-story home, the stairway should also be open and free, even when you’ve run out of home storage space. This helps energy to flow between floors, and you’ll avoid having a bad accident if someone slips on the stairs.
Kitchens Need Care
Within the feng shui tradition and many other Chinese philosophies, the concept of yin and yang are vital to understanding energy. Yin is considered dark and negative energy, while yang is positive and bright. We want as much yang energy in our homes as possible, but unfortunately, the kitchen is a beacon to yin energy. That’s why it’s so important to stick to a cleaning schedule, throw out spoiled food on a regular basis, and take out the garbage as soon as it’s full. Furthermore, you should invest in storage solutions for the kitchen, so that food stays organized and fresh.
Physical Clutter is Mental Clutter
When clutter gets out of hand, it can be disastrous for your daily life, creating anxiety and sickness where none existed before. If you live in a family home, it’s crucial that your spouse and children understand the damage that clutter can have, and make sure that everyone is contributing to a clean household. Once the entire family is committed to home storage solutions, you’ll see a drastic improvement in your living environment. After all, everyone needs space to breathe.