At the start of every New Year, millions of people make resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, and learn another language. Good habits don’t just happen overnight, though, and the majority of people who come up with New Year’s resolutions end up going back to their normal routines after a few weeks. However, if you’re ready to put in the work and stay committed to a goal, it’s possible to achieve almost anything, no matter the time of year.
Below, we’ve shared a few noble, yet practical resolutions for improving your home life. By sticking to these goals, you can reduce your family’s carbon footprint, improve their health and safety, and make home organization part of your normal routine.
Cut Back on Energy Consumption
Using less energy is a smart resolution for the planet and your pocketbook. Start small by retrofitting your light bulbs and windows with the latest energy-saving products, and insulate your ducts so that less heating and cooling is wasted. Then, take the next step by installing solar panels on your roof to power your home with the sun’s rays. If possible, make your next automobile purchase a hybrid or electric model, so that your family uses less gasoline as well.
Do a Home Safety Checkup
You might knock on wood and hope that nothing bad ever happens in your home, but there are also concrete steps you can take to minimize those risks. Start your year by checking every smoke detector in the house, so that you know they’re working properly. You can also buy an inexpensive tool that detects carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. Finally, if your home has a security system, test it and find out if the alarm goes off.
Get Clean and Get Lean
Reducing clutter is always worth the effort, because a disorganized and dirty home can lead to stress and sickness. Start by collecting any items that you don’t foresee yourself using in the future, and donate them to a charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Then, invest in a few home storage solutions to help organize the rest of your stuff. By making home organization a New Year’s goal, you’ll also be more likely to maintain regular cleaning habits as a result.
Try a DIY Project with the Family
If there’s a home improvement project you’ve always dreamed of doing, why not make it a New Year family resolution? Whether it’s planting a few fruit trees in the backyard, installing new home storage solutions, or converting the attic into a guest room, there are so many fun DIY projects that the family can work on together. Instead of hiring a contractor to do the work, save your money and use the project as an excuse for family bonding time.
Start Cooking Healthier Meals
Last but not least, make a New Year’s resolution to eat right! Throw out every expired item in your pantry, and then research a few more nutritious recipes to add to your weekly repertoire. It also helps to invest in clean storage containers that keep your food fresh and organized. With a healthy, energy-conscious, and safe home, there’s nothing your family can’t accomplish.