Storage Cabinet
If you have a large family, a large inventory, a lot of pets, or all of the above, storage cabinets are a must. Some homes come standard with generous amounts of storage space in each bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and garage. But more often than not, we find ourselves renting or buying a home in which all of our stuff doesn’t fit—or if it does fit, there’s no real way to organize it within these storage spaces.
Because storage spaces within homes are generally not adjustable, we wind up making poor use of space because there’s no way to use it well. Think of those two little cabinets above the refrigerator nook—does anyone use that? Not really. For those of us ready to make use of the space we do have, Seville Classics has many different solutions to simplify our storage needs while making everything we own a lot more accessible than it would be… above the refrigerator.
For those with loads of little, tiny doodads that need organizing as well as being removed from the prying eyes and hands of little ones, the UltraHD 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet might be just what you’re looking for, with its lock and key only entry for all drawers. With five same-size drawers on top, and one, larger drawer on the bottom for storing larger items, this mobile rolling storage cabinet is perfect for crafters, mister fix-its, and simply for those who find themselves with dozens of “junk drawers” just because they don’t have a centralized place to organize all the things that aren’t really junk, they just need a better place to call home. In addition, this storage cabinet comes standard with a push handle that doubles as a towel rack, as well as casters that lock into place or unlock for quick and easy mobility. Each of the six drawers is lined with cushion, so you will never have to worry if your precious cargo is in danger of being scratched or otherwise ruined.
If you have a need to store much larger things, or you want to put a polished look into your living room, the UltraHD 36" W x 18" D x 72" H storage cabinet might be just what you’re looking for. Large enough to store a television and the other components of a media center, those who have purchased and reviewed this storage center rate the extra large storage cabinet at five stars. Bur for most, this sizeable storage cabinet is a great place to store bulk items such as reams of paper and ink cartridges along with binders and other office supplies for home offices or other small offices or workspaces with little to no storage options.
And of course, the classic cabinet gets things off the floor and onto the wall in wall storage cabinets, also offered by Seville Classics. All tools and supplies are safe and out of the way of foot traffic in this heavy duty, wall-mountable stainless steel cabinet capable of storing up to 200 pounds of supplies; be sure to use the included assembly and anchors to ensure safety.