So you’ve started the garage organizing process, thrown all the undesirable items away or donated them to charity and have grouped similar items together. You’ve boxed them up and sorted them, and by now, you’ve probably purchased any garage storage cabinets and garage storage shelving, and hopefully, installed them.
Still not enough room to park your car? If not, we’ve got more garage organizing tips for you that should make the process easier and more efficient, while clearing away space for you to park your car.
Label it. Do yourself and everyone else in your household a favor and label everything, from boxes and garage storage cabinets to wire shelves—even if you can see what is on the shelf, others may not know what the items are. Obviously, this helps you find things quick, but it also encourages you and everyone else using the space to put things back where they belong.
Give everything a home. Once you’ve sorted everything into categories along with similar items, try to store them together in a convenient fashion.
Think upward. A lot of messy accidents can take place in a garage, from spills to oil leaks or rain storm overflow, resulting in a damp ground or other undesirable mess. Make sure to store everything off the ground. This will protect your belongings and prevent you from squatting down and possibly hurting yourself by pick things up incorrectly. This is a great incentive to install garage storage shelving, so that you’re always working with space off of the ground.
Use space wisely. When you start to run out of space, think creatively. Not to a beat a dead horse, but wire shelves allow you to use your walls for storage and make the best use of your wall space. Also, use the ceiling as much as you can. Get a bicycle rack to hang bikes up, a surfboard rack for your surf and snowboards, and hang any other sporting equipment that you can. Tennis racquets, hunting gear and skis are all great examples of items that can be hung from the ceiling with space saving racks.
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