garage organization systems
Traditionally, garages were dank and dark spaces where people parked their bikes, cars and trucks.
According to recent studies, however, 70 to 80 percent of people use their garage as the primary entry point into their homes and for storage.
Today, homeowners are looking to transform their garages from messy catchalls to luxurious and well-organized spaces. If your garage resembles a small junkyard, it is time to organize.
To give new life to your new man-cave, kid’s lounge or home studio, learn how to use our garage storage systems and décor tips to rethink the space.

  1. Dispose and Sort through the Clutter
    Pull every item out of the garage to examine and sort. Use the driveway as a place to check items for damage and clean dirty keepsakes. Discard any broken items and sell anything that you have outgrown or are no longer using.
  2. Reorganize Your Stuff
    Group similar items together. For example, plan to store your gardening tools in one area and your sporting equipment in another. Place all your stuff in large and color-coded plastic bins.Assign each group of items a color to help you and your family members store current and future purchases. Also, identify a space to store your manuals, warranties and paperwork in color-coded binders.
  3. Map out the Space
    Start by designating parking spots for your vehicles. Attach cabinets and shelves on the walls, or install one of our garage organization systems to hold tools and supplies. To create easy access to items, make plans to store the heaviest items on the lowest shelves. Be sure to install light switches and adequate lighting in the garage to see the space clearly at night.
  4. Utilize Overhead Shelving
    Keep special cleaning products, holiday decorations and camping gear up top. Pack away collections of extension cords, rolls of tape and light bulbs in clear, plastic containers overhead. To reach these items, store a stepladder nearby for easy access.
  5. Install Garage Organization Systems
    To keep your items organized, install cabinets and shelving. Label each shelf to quickly find items and keep flammable or dangerous materials up and away from children and your pets. Use hooks to hang shovels, brooms, folding chairs and other flat items on the walls.
  6. Redecorate the Space
    Create activity stations in the garage to keep the garage mess-free and organized. Having special areas for exercise, oil painting or reading in your garage means you can store all the items you need where you need them.
  7. Don’t Neglect Garage Safety
    Keep chemicals, tools and sharp objects locked in cabinets and out of the reach of children and pets. Certain household chemicals can ignite just by coming in contact with another chemical. To prevent any accidents in the garage, read warning labels and store each solvent and solution in its own separate location.

To keep your home, garage and family safe year-round, perform monthly safety checks to test your carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm.