In this guide, we’ve shared a few garage organizing tips for 2018, so you can fulfill your New Year’s resolution and finally finish that big project! With the right storage solutions and workplace tools, your garage has virtually unlimited potential. Here’s to a productive and fulfilling year.

Invest in a Workbench

Think of a workbench like your central command hub, where most of your ideas are realized. Without a sturdy and utilitarian bench, you don’t have a place to execute your most ambitious projects. This year, why not change that with the UltraHD Commercial Workbench? Built from powder-coated steel and solid hardwood, the 72” long work surface is perfect for DIY projects and small business prototypes. Meanwhile, you can slide the UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet underneath the workbench and boost your storage potential.

Designate Storage Zones

Even with a one-car garage, you still have quite a bit of space to work with, and it’s important to utilize it effectively. We recommend walking out to your garage with a notepad and a pen, and then sketching a rough layout of the space. By dividing the garage into distinct zones, you can organize your items in a more thoughtful way. Then, you can choose the best area for your shelving units, workspace, sports equipment, and long-term storage.

Add Storage with Stacking Cabinets

Larger solutions like the UltraHD Mega Storage Cabinet can transform your garage and bolster your storage capacity. Furthermore, they have the potential for expansion. By stacking the UltraHD Stacker Cabinet above the Mega Storage Cabinet, you add a 48” wide by 24” deep area to store even more items. The frame can support up to 300 pounds, and it attaches easily to the main cabinet using screws, corner protectors, and mounting brackets.

Hang Tools on a Pegboard

Pegboards pair nicely with a workbench, because they allow you to arrange important tools in a visual way, so you can grab them and get to work. We recommend the UltraHD Pegboard Set, which is built with powder-coated steel and mounts easily to a wall. Use the 23 included pegs to hang your tools, and store smaller items (like nails and screws) in the six plastic bins. It’s the perfect storage solution for your favorite gear.
For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been a leading innovator in workplace tools storage solutions. With a few garage upgrades, you can maximize your productivity and access your equipment at a moment’s notice. To learn more garage organizing tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages and get inspired!